Green CraCK

Green crack is and had been in my top 3 strain list for years! Trulieve captures everything great about this strain in a nice full gram (1 ml) cartridge. Happy, Energized, and focused are the initial feelings you get after a few tokes from this pen. I loved this cartridge because it seemed to last a lot longer than most of the competitors. The flavor was amazing, a nice sweet/ earthy/ citrus flavor that bursts through with every puff. The high I get from this cart. Last a solid 3 hours which is about an hour longer than I typically experience. Great day time strain if you need a little motivation. I give this cart a. 9/10 on the slayer scale. 

Strain - Green Crack (Cartridge)
Lineage (Skunk #1 ) 
Dispensary- Trulieve (Clearwater) 
Mg THC- 600  

Banana Kush

I personally find this to be my favorite cartridge Curaleaf offers. 
1 Inhalation and all stress melts away following a total body relaxation. 
I use this as my all day strain to maintain a cool/relaxed attitude and keep stress at bay. 

  • Bak- Banana Kush (Cartridge)

  • 60/40 Indica leaning Hybrid 

  • Lineage (Ghost Og X skunk Haze) 

  • Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 

  • Mg THC- 400 

  • Cost- $48 



Snow Monster

SNOW MONSTER! With a name this intimidating I was cautious to take too many rips off of this cartridge. What I found in reality was one of the most peaceful and relaxing Vape cartridges out there in my opinion. Calming and relaxing without the sedation, great for anxiety/depression/stress. The taste of this cart. Is so mild, almost none existant compared to any other cart. Out there. The indica traits were definitely dominate in this strain but you still get some of that head buzz that just melts stress away. 
6/10 (Because I'm a sativa guy )

  • SNM- Snow Monster (Cartridge)

  • 70/30 Indica leaning Hybrid 

  • Lineage (The White X StarFighter) 

  • Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 

  • Mg THC- 400 

  • Cost- $48