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Gainsville Green

Strain - Gainsville Green 
Sativa Dominate Hybrid 
800mg THC 
1 Gram Pod 
Cost - 94 .
@sunshinecannabis and @trulieve_flback at it again with an amazing collab. This #Gainsvillegreen Trupod is a piney delight for sativa lovers for sure. I've tried many different vape pens now and the Trustick still hold my #1 spot all around. Big rips, convenient discreet design, and quick charging with a long lasting battery. I had to grab the new trustick shorty with my Gainsville Green for St. Pattys day. As for the strain itself, FOCUSED is the best word to describe the effects. An uplifting and euphoric feel with laser sharp focus is what you can expect. This strain is great for getting tedious jobs done, studying, creating music or art and an amazing all day strain. I find the taste pretty light compared to some of the other strains I've tried from trulieve but it definetly has a sweet piney flavor and smell. The one thing I dislike about the trupods is they to make me sneeze if I exhale through my nose. Not sure if its the terpens or the device but It inevitable. The high is fast hitting and sits in your face/ right behind the eyes. I would recommend this strain for anyone dealing with Anxiety/depression/ lack of energy or focus, and so many other Ailemtns. .
Huge thank you to @sunshinecannabis for the continued work in the industry, keep up the amazing job! 

lemon lights.PNG

Lemon Lights

Strain- Lemon Lights
All-in-one pen 
240 mg THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl .
Cheap, inconspicuous, and heavy hitting, these MรผV all on one pens rock! .
Lemon lights in a disposable "All-in-one" pen, you know I had to grab one๐Ÿ‘Œ 
The taste is a zesty dank lemon cloud of goodness Initially almost stinks, its so DANK. . . but after exhaling a few puufs you will notice that lemon/orange peel tang. This little pen kicked my ass, Its been a while since I'd tried one of these disposables from @muv.fl so I forgot that each hit is basically a small Dab from a rig. Powerful indica vibes from this Lemon Lights, body numbing and cerebral calming effects instantly. This strain seemed to give me that "puffy cheek" feel ๐Ÿ˜Š as if someone blew my face up like a balloon. All pain, anxiety, stress and worry went out the window as I found myself staring out said window daydreaming in a timeless blur. These pens are hands down my favorite disposables in the state, the price is right, taste is on point, they hit consistently, ans they get me LIT! 
GREAT for pain, insomnia, appetite, gastrointestinal issues, stress and so much more! Super discrete, until you take a big rip, and then you can smell those REAL cannabis terpines! The Entourage effect is real guys and it shows with these bad ass @muv.fl All on ones! .
Great job guys! I cant wait to try some of these other disposable all in ones! -Pillow factory


Canna -Tsu 

Strain- Canna -Tsu 
Hybrid (CannaTonic x Sour Tsunami)
Vape cartridge
2:5 CBD/ THC 
100Mg CBD - 250 THC .5 Ml 
Dispensary- @curaleaf_florida
Another amazing ratio hybrid from #curaleaf 2:5 (100mg CBD 250mg THC) this blend of two high cbd strains, CannaTonic and Sour Tsunami come with a sweet smooth earthy/citrus terpene profile and amazing medicinal effects. The 2:5 ratio provides both amazing anti-inflammatory relief and a mind melting stress relief. One of the first things I noticed after a few tokes was how loose my back felt. I dont deal with a ton of physical pain, but any tightness, sore muscles or aches were completely gone. This strain is not overly heady at all, just a super calming and relaxing high that is great for day/night use. Curaleaf offers this strain in a range if CBD/THC ratios which is amazing considering we all have different tollerance levels. That 1:1 is a great beginners ratio as it provides much relief with little high. .
These ratio cartridges are great for #anxiety #socialanxiety #panicattacks#ptsd #stress #depression and so much more. .