Concentrate 7

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Zweet Inzanity

Strain- Zweet Inzanity (Durban Poison x Rain Maker) 
Sativa- Sauce (Gold) 
699 mg of THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl .
I have something special to show you Slayers today, this is zweet inzanity gold sauce from MΓΌV is absolutely amazing. From the sweet skunky full terpene profile to the extremely uplifting sativa effects this concenteate is in a league of its own. I knew right away that I was going to love this strain when I saw that it was a Durban Poison cross. Durban Poison seems to be one of the most uplifting and positive strains that I've tried and I was not disappointed here. The smell and taste is out of this world like sweet fresh fruit with a skunky dank undertone. It tastes just like it smells inhale and exhale very sweet very strong. As for the effects it's a very clean smooth sativa High that is great for waking medicate or after a long day when you still have some chores to get done. The Strain would be amazing for anybody with anxiety depression, lack of energy, ADD, ADHD and so much more. This is one of the few strains I highly recommend you guys actually go out and buy and try for yourself, my words cannot describe how truly amazing The Strain is. the price is a bit High, definitely not something I buy all the time but if you feel like treating yourself definitely pick up some of this @muv_chemist#zweetinzanity .

lee roy.PNG

lee Roy

Strain- lee Roy
(Triangle kush x rare dankness #2
Distillate (Strain specific) 
763mg THC
Dispensary- @growhealthyflorida$75/Gram .

Another delicious distillate delicacy from @growhealthyflorida
This time we're reviewing #LEEROYCannabis derived strain specific distillate from #Growhealthy. Now I admit I am confused by the labeling on this one. Grow healthy has it listed as a sativa but @leafly. Has it listed as an indica. I personally found it to more indica dominate across the board but still possessed that nice head high you'd expect from a sativa. The smell from @growhealthyfloridadistillate is insane! You can really smell and taste the difference between CANNABIS DERIVED and Botanical derived, terpenes. The high is boosted by this fact as well. You get more of an Entourage effect with the strain specific terpenes. This distillate set in quick after just 1 small dab. My face felt heavy, my arms were glued to the arm-rest and there was no sign of pain or anxiety in my future. The inhale tasted sweet and earthy, while the exhale brought out the Limonene with a citrus burst. The closest thing I can relate the taste to is a can of sprite ... This is a perfect strain for #anxiety #stress #pain #depression#fibromyalgia #chronicbackpain#insomnia #appetite and so much more. 
This strain makes my top 5 favorites in Florida for now as it comes with both a body numbing indica effect as well as a super sativa brain buzz. 
10/10 @growhealthyflorida! Keep up the great work. No complaints here! .


75% Hybrid Distillate

Co2 Extracted Hybrid Concentrate 
None strain specific
75% THC 
Blended Hybrids 
375mg THC .5ml $30 
Dispensary- @curaleaf_florida (St. Petersburg) .
#curaleaf always on point with their extracts. This 75% Hybrid blend Co2 concentrate is no different. Pure cannabis taste, no added MCT oils or botanical terpenes! Smooth tokes from a vape pen, burns clean on a nail, and makes for great edibles! There is no wrong way to use this concentrate. Some patients even Mix this with product with their favorite none medicated topicals (tiger balm) when the MMTC's are out of stock. The effects are very relaxing to the mind and body, giving you a laid back attitude. Not overly heady nore couch locking. This Hybrid Concentrate would be great for patients dealing with high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and so much more. One of the biggest things I noticed after medicating with this product was the lack of pain in my stomach all day. All GI irritation was at bay ALL DAY LONG, I simply ate a bit of the extract raw and went on my day. I felt relief from 11:30am until I went to bed that night. .

Great Taste, Killer price, natural ingredients πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š 10/10 @curaleaf_florida. You are doing concentrates right .