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Lemon Tree

Strain- Lemon Tree (Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel) 
50/50 Hybrid 
Shatter 1G 
79.6% THC- 1.9%CBG - .5% THCV 
796 mg THC 
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl (Clearwater)
When life hands you lemons.... Turn it into shatter! 
The #Lemontree flower from #trulievewas probably one of the best strains I've tried in Florida, so when I saw they had it in a 79% THC SHATTER ๐Ÿ˜Ž you know I had to scoop some. .
The first thing I noticed about this lemon tree was how stable it is! 100% glass like stability with no pull apart sticky mess. I love shatter like this because its so easy to crack off or shatter up in a puck for easy use. The color of this shatter is gorgeous with a translucent gold/ amber that shines like a ๐Ÿ’Ž. The Flower version of this #Strain was super loud, it smelled like fresh squeezed lemons. The shatter seemed to lack that quality.... Until I droped a bit of it in the banger that is. Holy Lemons! The taste could only be described as the most enjoyable version of lemon pledge with diesely undertones. So much flavor in every hit, and smooth every time. The effects are ideal for me and my ailments. With a nice 50/50 balance this hybrid seemed to help reduce symptoms ranging from anxiety and depression to Gastrointestinal issues and back pain. Truly an amazing strain! #lemontree๐Ÿ‹ just made its way to the top 3 list for anxiety/ GI/ and depression! 
A smooth high balanced in both head and body I can't think of a wrong time to use this strain. Not overly sedating nore cerebral so I could use This strain any time of day/night. .
10/10 @trulieve_fl. This is an amazing product.


Inzane in the Membrane

Strain - Inzane in the Membrane [Super lemon haze x forbidden fruit x ghost train haze x citral glue]
Sativa dominate 
77.4% THC 
774mg THC 
Dispensary- MรœV (Tampa) 
1G .
Happy Sunday #Strainslayers ! Today I have somthing really nice to review for you, #inzaneinthemembrane! A crazy cross between some of my all time favorite strains like SLH, FBF, and Ghost train! This psychotic shatter will leave you in a cerebral Haze that will have you questioning your sanity! 1 dab will leave you delirious for hours as This strain is heavily sativa dominate. Great for "unhinged" focus, "erratic" energy, or some "crazed" crafts as I found a very artistic vibe from this strain. The terpene profile was lacking any dominate traits as was the taste. A bland "wax" taste nothing worth talking about. The consistency was not perfect, pull and snap rather than "shattery" not 100% a bad thing, its kind of easier to handle in a way but I prefer glass like shatter. Smell and taste aside this inzane in the membrane was a fantastic strain for sativa lovers looking for a super heady high. Medicinally I would recommend this strain for anyone dealing with depression, lack of energy, lack of motivation /creativity or just a general good feeling to help with stress. 
6/10 as I've seen and smelled better from @muv.fl
But overall I enjoyed this strain. .


Birds of paradise

Strain- Birds of paradise (Kali Snapple x blue Heron) 
Sativa dominate hybrid
Distillate Syringe 
75.5% THC 
Dispensary- #growhealthy .
"I've got two tickets to paradise" actually a full gram ๐Ÿ˜Ž .
I'd like to start with the bold statement that @growhealthyfloridatakes my #1 spot for distillate in Florida hands down right now. 
This strain specific, #CANNABISterpenes infused distillate IS LIKE NO OTHER. Super pungent smells from the second you pop the cap. The BOP (Birds of Paradise) has a terrific tropical terpene profile full of pineapple and sweet grapes. I honestly cant say I've smelled distillate with this much punch anywhere else. The flavor is just as impressive! Every bit of the tropical flavor presents itself individually with a smooth savory and lasting cannabis after-taste. As for effects, you can expect nothing less than pure bliss. Where ever you are when you medicate, will instantly become paradise as your mind and body melt into pure euphoria and bliss. This strain is amongst the top strains for #inflamation making it great for so many ailments from pain, anxiety, and stress to gastrointestinal issues and everything in between. 
This strain leans sativa for sure but the body numbing effects from BOP parent strain #Blueheron will have you painfree and feeling limber after 1 toke. 
10/10 across the board. I can not wait to try some other strains from @growhealthyflorida
Make sure to use my Name (Brian Gray) as a referral if you are trying GH for the first time. Let them know #strainslayer sentcha! .