Get your Rigs ready as we Slay some of the Highest THC content available in the state of Florida! Wax, Shatter, Cruble, you name it I’m throwing it down!


Jack Herer

I finally got my hands on the super elusive Jack Herer. One of my favorite sativas in a full spectrum shatter, done by trulieve. The color, Clarity, smell and taste are absolutely on point. The consistency is exactly what you would expect from well-made shatter. I personally use a quartz banger to dab my shatter but you can use this product in a range of different pen products and other devices. So if I'm being completely honest I went a little excessive on my first dab because I was so excited to try the Jack Herer... Needless to say I wasn't able to write the review that night as I found myself tucked in bed before 9pm lol. 
The initial effects we're extremely euphoric and the psychoactivity was very obvious. If I was stressed about anything 5 minutes ago there is no recollection of it in my brain. This stuff had me laughing my ass off and eating everything in sight. I would recommend this product for more experienced patients with high tolerance to THC. 

  • Strain-Jack Herer (Shatter)

  • Sativa

  • Dispensary- Trulieve  (Clearwater) 

  • Mg THC- 766

  • 76.6% THC

  • Cost- $60 for 1 gram 

90% Distillate

Today I woke up with a nice dab of curaleaf 90% pure distillate. The pure clear color and tastelessness make it ideal for cooking, mixing your own terpenes, or eating it raw. This 90% is no joke in a little goes a long way. 3 hours after the dab and I'm still feeling the calming relaxing effects of my morning dab. I decided to refill one of my trulieve pods with the remaining concentrate. It takes a little heating but it fills up nicely and hit smooth. I highly recommend this distillate for high THC lovers. 

  • Non-strain specific 

  • Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 

  • Mg THC- 450

  • Cost- $36 for .5 Ml 

  • 90% THC 



Sour Jack

MÜV continues to impress me with everything I've purchased thus far, this sour jack concentrate is no exception. 
This was my first experience with a metered dispenser for concentrate, very unusual looking but super convenient for specific dosing. It is difficult however to refill trupods or other pod systems using this dispenser. The consistency is in between distillate and oil. Thick, but able to dispense easily without heating. The best thing about these concentrates are they are made from real STRAIN SPECIFIC cannabis-derived terpenes which allows you to cross reference the effects more effectively. The tatse and smell are STRONG, radiating a potent Marijuana/diesely haze. I tried this #sourjack in a blunt, as a dab, and in a #trustick all with great results in taste, potency, ect. Crossing two of my favorite sativas (sour d and jack Herer) I knew what to expect from this strain, a full mind blowing head high that hits quick and leaves you in the stars for hours. This is a great mid day/morning strain as it brought me a rush of energy red bull cant even bring me. Another great strain to use for stress, depression, motivation energy, or burst of creativity. Use with caution if you are prone to anxiety attacks or have had ill effects from sativas in the past. This shit hits! 

  • Strain- Sour Jack

  • (Sour D x Jack Herer) 

  • Sativa

  • Concentrate (metered dispenser)

  • 500Mg- $45 

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