Concentrates 10



Strain- "Zen" 
Pure reserve oil 
1:4 CBD/THC Ratio
180mg CBD/ 720mg THC
Cost- 65 
1 Gram 
Dispensary- @surterrawellness 🚫Nothing for sale 🚫
Looking for something to lift your spirits but relax your body? #zen from @surterrawellness might be just the thing your looking for. .
In the past I've found the ratio products or products high in CBD dont seem to bring me the anxiety relief I'm looking for, this was not the case with this Zen blend from surterra. A 1:4 Ratio of CBD to THC and a unique blend of #Geraniol#A-pinene, #B-Caryophyllene, #limonen and a few other Anti-inflammatory & Anxiety reducing terpenes come together to bring a true Zen like state. Mind and body, this product seems to balance me out. I personally like to refill my trupods or any other third party pod that works in my trustik, although you can definitely make edibles, dab, or even eat this product raw. When vaped, the effects are fast acting and uplifting. A nice blend of euphoria and relaxation that is perfect for killing stress and anxiety. A depression zapper and pain relieving concentrate great for mid/late-day use. The taste is clean- a light lemon profile with an earthy/ floral terpene profile that burns clean and tastes like Nature. Cannabis enthusiasts looking to get ripped, this isn't the strain for you. This is a nice mild, euphoric, and relaxing distillate high. Short lasting but enjoyable when the stress is high and you need a little Zen in your life. As corny and cliche as it may sound... I would seriously recommend using this product for meditation! It gives nice mental clarity while relaxing the muscles and reducing the inflammation in your body. I've been skeptical of Surterras naming system, and I would prefer to know what strain I'm getting, however "Zen" seems perfectly fitting and may be less confusing for newer patients


Velvet Glove

Strain- Velvet Glove (GMO Cookies x Nookies)
70/30 Indica Dominate 
736 mg 
Dispensary- @altmed_fl

#velvetglove an Indica dominate hybrid with epic cookie genetics! GMO Cookies mixed with Swamp boy Nookies! This strain is as potent as it sounds and twice as smooth. Velvet Glove has a nice fruity terpene profile and sweet taste with effects that pretty much all cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy. Indica dominate, however the Nookies (sativa) genetics are obviously still present with a quick head rush/ headband high that will leave you wondering why you walked into the kitchen . Shortly after though, you'll find yourself looking for a nice comfortable spot on the couch or bed and melting off for a few hours. I found this strain to have heavy body numbing effects which make it great for post work-work or patients dealing with chronic pain. Arthritis patients report that this is one of the best pain relieving strains out there! This Velvet Glove from #MüV didnt knock me out like some indicas, not sleep inducing but very calming and physically relaxing. I really enjoyed this strain for its mentally stimulating effects coupled with a heavy body high, great for killing pain of all types! .


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