Concentrates 9


Wookie Girl

Strain- Wookie Girl
(Wookie x Girl Scout Cookies) 
Distillate (Strain specific) 
800mg THC
Dispensary- @growhealthyflorida$75/Gram .
I finally got my first order from grow healthy and I see what all the fuss is about. Their Strain specific CANNABIS INFUSED TERPENE distillate is like no other in the state. The taste and smell are absolutely amazing, like walking through a field of weed during the late flowering stages. A true cannabis smell and taste in distillate is somthing I've only found from one other dispensary, @muv.fl . however theirs is more of a liquid consistency. #growhealthyflorida captures the full terps. Profile of the flower while keeping the nice thick distillate consistency. .
This #WookieGirl is Fantastic for pain, insomnia, depression' and so much more. Wookie is an amazing cross of #Lavendar and #Appalachia crosd that with the world renowned #Gitlscoutcookies and you are left with a Potent mind and body numbing Indica that comes with a nice heady high. 10/10 across the board on this distillate!


Sour Diesel

Strain Sour Diesel
(Chemdog91 x Super Skunk)
Sativa- Crumble 
Dispensary - @trulieve_fl (clearwater) 🚫Nothing for sale🚫
The old school classic Sour Diesel with the new school #trucrmbl twist! .
If you are a cannabis user, the odds are you've heard of #sourdiesel. A true energizing and uplifting sativa known for its depression zapping effects and gassy smell. Trulieve offers this awesome strain in crumble, which I absolutely love. The consistency makes it easy to deal with Whether you're going to put it in a joint or do a traditional dab, the stability of this concentrate is amazing. A spongy waxy material with a LOUD terpene profile. This crumble smelled more floral than I expected and lacked the classic Gassy/ diesel punch. With that being said this crumble did not lack flavor at all. Sweet lemon, earthy, and floral tastes are to be expected from this Sour D, followed by an energizing and euphoric high that will ease all stress and anxiety. This strain is known for being very cerebral and Psychoactive, so newer patients should use this product with caution... where as seasoned smokers should prepare for a good time! I recommend using this strain for a good #wakeandmedicate to shake off that morning grogginess or midway through the day as an energy boost to keep you going. A serious stress melter /day dream Inducing concentrate that will be a repeat buy for sure. 💪Lemon Tatse 🤯Cerberal High
✔Affordable price. 
What is there not to love this #sourd #crumble .

dutch ha.PNG

Dutch Hawaiian

Strain- Dutch Hawaiian (Dutch Treat x Hawaiian) 
Sativa- Co2 Truclear (Cannabis terps)
1 G - 70 
Dispensary-@trulieve_fl (Clearwater) 🚫Nothing for Sale🚫 .
#Trulieve Stepping up their extract game with the addition of their new CANNABIS DERIVED TERPENE INFUSED Truclear! .
#Dutchhawaiian - A savory citrus sativa packed with real strain specific CANNABIS DERIVED TERPENES in the convenient #truclear you already know and love. This strain kicks ass! Uplifting and euphoric with no sativa anxiety or paranoia. Exactly what I've been looking for to refill my trupods for all day use. This strain is great for kicking that morning grog and staying focused, as I noticed my attention and patience increase after medicated with this dutch Hawaiian! This product can be used in so many ways from dabbing with a traditional rig, refilling vape pens/pods, or even lining joints and blunts. Inhalation not for you? No problem try making edibles with this tasty concentrate for quick/ vapeless medication. Not much for eating THC in high doses? Try mixing this Truclear with your favorite salve or balm, Patients have been known to treat a number of skin conditions from melanomas to moles using similar extracts. The addtion of CDT's (Cannabis Derived Terpenes) adds additional Taste and smell - much more natural tasting than traditional botanically derived terpene infused distillate. True cannabis flavor and a nice entourage effect to follow- This Co2 Extracted Truclear is a game changer. 
This strain is great for muscle spasms and chronic pain (even with its sativa labeling) patients need to understand that indica = pain relief sativa = Head high is an old, outdated way of judging cannabis! Don't limit your releif because of old wives tales. .
@trulieve_fl I'm stoked to see the addition of CDT's being used for an extra 10 bucks... Well worth it. .