Pineapple Express

"We can go look at crazy things on the internet" -Pineapple Express- .
This is the perfect thing to go do after a nice rip of some #pineappleexpress. The Fast. Hitting head high will have your laser vision/focus on point. I did a moderate sized dab off of my #quartzbanger / @tabletopglass rig to get the full effects & taste and let me tell you the TASTE is something! An earthy/piney funk with Mango left lingering in your mouth long after exhale, I could vape this all day! It burns so smooth with no Botanical Terpene Taste, just good old natural #cannabis. No sacrifice in eating it either! It tastes equally good stuck on the back of your teeth 😅😂. This strain is Amazing for #Anxiety #focus #energy#creativity and so much more. 100% a pick me up strain perfect for getting some chores done ✔ 
@libertyhealthsciences you killed this one. 👏I tip my beard to you 👏

  • Strain- Pineapple Express-

    (Train wreck x Hawian) 

  • Sativa

  • Distillate Syringe 

  • 90%THC 

  • 900mg THC 

  • 3.4% 

  • $75/Gram 

Oregon Lemons Trushatter

Oregon Lemons Trushatter

Oregon Lemons

Happy shatterday Slayer's! I went into #trulieve Hoping to try somthing new to review for you guys. Somthing High in THC and great for anxiety. The #Oregonlemonswas the right call! In all honesty this was one of the most stable peices of shatter I've picked up. GLASS. No sticky, pull and snap shatter here. This makes it so much easier to use in a variety of ways from shaving bits into my blunt to cracking off big dabs with ease. The color was very light and transparent with a slight gold tint. The smell... Unfortunately was virtually nonexistent. I was expecting a loud lemon smell and taste but in reality just got a smooth "wax" instead. Disappointing but not bad. I love limonene to be bursting through in my strains so I think i just got my hopes up. I will say, the best way to get a full flavor profile is to cold load your dabs! I couldnt really taste it in a joint or blunt but a nice cold load of some of this shatter and you could taste hints of sweet lemon. As for the high.... A very spacy Indica. Nice body numbing effects, instantly followed by a mind altering sativa haziness. Perfect for kicking anxiety, stress and depression out the window. Uplifting but relaxing, euphoric but sedated... Just a few ways to describe the high from this #oregonlemons .

  • Oregon lemons

  • (Indica dominateHybrid) 

  • Lemon Diesel x  Face Off OG bx1

  • Shatter - 1G

  • 77.4% THC

  • 774 mg THC 
    Dispensary- @trulieve_fl .


1:2 Distillate 90%

Curaleaf is holding it down with the distillate! This 1:2 90% Distillate is amazing! 150 milligrams of CBD and 300 mg of THC, the perfect ratio for melting away stress, depression pain and insomnia. This was my first experience with a ratio distillate so i wasn't sure what to expect. Curaleaf distillate is notorious for being pure, no additives which typically makes for pretty tasteless concentrate. Not the case here, this 1:2 has a sweet berry or almost a bubble gum kind of flavor on the inhale and exhale with after tastes of licorice. The effects are quick acting and a powerful body high unlike anything I've tried yet. It doesnt give you that heavy tired feel like an indica, just a total relaxation that is perfect for winding down after a long day. I prefer to dab my distillate but you can use this is a plethora of ways from making edibles and topical to lining blunts and joints. 
This knocked me out every night that i used it. I am never asleep before 2am but on "1:2" nights I was out before 11pm. 
10/0 would recommend! 
Have you tried curaleaf distillate? If not you're missing out! .