White Buffalo

Strain- White Buffalo (Romulan x Blackberry kush) 
Shatter - 1G 
71.1% THC 
710mg THC 
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl (Clearwater)

"Great white Buffalo" 
The ever illusive #whitebuffalo has been caught! .
I've been looking to review this strain for months now, but due to its popularity and rarity its been a hard find. It did not take long for me to realize why this strain sells out as soon as it hits the shelf. .
Everything about this strain is top quality. The clear transparency, fresh floral smell, and heady effects, everything I'm looking for in my preferred shatter. 
The initial taste is sweet and earthy with fruity undertones but the after taste is 100% Floral. Thick and full flavors but some how very light and cool. I love this strain because its not a "jittery sativa" just extremely uplifting and euphoric. The White Buffalo is potent! In all honesty I've been doing half sized dabs of this strain compared to most other shatter options out there in Florida right now, with equal or greater effect. A little goes a long way. I'd recommend this strain for anyone dealing with depression, stress, lack of energy or anyone looking to catch a nice head buzz ✌ .
The White Buffalo just stampede"d" 😂 its way in to my top 5 list .
@tru.concentrates. I have to be honest with you, I do not like the fact that this amazing shatter is being pushed into glass jars. I feel I lost .2 just trying to pry it off of the glass. The parchment was perfect ✌ please reconsider. .



Rick Simpson Oil
Non strain specific 
77%THC - Dispensary- @muv.fl 

After 2 weeks of RSO use daily I feel everyone needs to know how amazing thids product truly is. .
So after trying trulieves RSO I decided to give MÜV RSO a chance. What I found was very similar results, 100-200mg in the morning with breakfast and 20 minutes later Im already feeling an intense body high creeping up my legs and into my torso. An hour after ingesting a small bit of RSO (and a small dab later) and my entire body is pulsing with euphoric, pain numbing, relaxing vibes that I've never experienced from cannabis before. Stomach pain, cramping, burning all gone along with any signs of anxiety or depression. I feel happy, uplifted, and mentally grounded while medicating with Rick Simpson Oil. The biggest difference I noticed with MüV's RSO was the consistency seemed a little thicker compared to Trulieve which made it slightly harder to dispense but ultimately I found a more psychoactive effect from @muv.fl s RSO. A solid 6-8 hours of relief can be expected from one small dose of of this amazing medicine. Start low and slow and work your way up. A tiny bit goes a long way with this powerful full spectrum cannabis extract! Beginners, I would reccomend trying to make edibles/ capsule this as it is very potent in taste and strength. This stuff is amazing for anyone having trouble sleeping, Dealing with chronic pain, and so many other ailments. Its helped me with symtoms from GI to Mental health and everything in between. .
Huge shout out to both MMTC that offer #rso right now. The Bulk discount is amazing too! If you would like to know more about Rick simpson oil google "Phoenix Tears"
What did you think of the RSO?


RSO- Trulieve

Strain- Gorilla Grapes
Hybrid -RSO- (Rick Simpson Oil) 
1 gram Syringe 
Full spectrum cannabis oil
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl (Clearwater) .
After a week of #Rso daily I'm excited to finally review this amazing product!
I was hesitant to try rso, as no other form of oral administration has had great result (if any) and there seems to be a social stigma around rso as being a (cancer patient only) medicine. Let me tell you this GGP from @trulieve_fl changed my mind completely. .
Day 1 of RSO, and I didn’t know what to expect. I can easily handle 300+ mgs of distillate and hardly feel a thing, so I went a little heavy on my first dose. About .25 g's on a breakfast bar before work and went on my day. From there a gradual euphoric body high slowly crept in over the next hour until my entire body was almost pulsing or glowing. It was the most intense body high I've ever felt from cannabis. My head got a bit foggy after a few hours but 100% of my anxiety was gone. Social anxiety was a thing of the past and my GI issues were completely absent all day. I was genuinely shocked at how long I stayed medicated. 7+ hours of 0 pain, 0 depression, 0 anxiety just pure ecstasy. .
I lowered my dose for the following days with little variation in the effects. I can not stress how LITTLE of this full spectrum cannabis oil you need to feel an effect. .
1 week later and Its part of my daily routine in the morning to squirt a little line of rso on my breakfast bar. Its made a world of difference in how I feel! Its given me an appetite every day, regualted some movements y'all dont need to know about 🙉😬 and has just made me feel so much better all around for such a long period of time.
The taste is intense, super strong cannabis flavor that lingers in your mouth for a while. I dont mind the flavor personally but most patients will probably want to make some sort of edible ouf of this to help stomach the flavor. .
There are some amazing claims behind #ricksimpsonoil that I think everyone should look into! Instagram limits my text here but stick around to learn more about the curing power!