Filling VapeDynamics CoraPods with THC Distillate


With the many third party “pod” options out there its hard to choose which is right for you and your preferred concentrate. I have tried many different pods from the Trupod to the G-pen and everything in between. Finding a good distillate pod can be difficult due to leaking issues or “airy” hits.

My most recent find is the CoraPodS BY: vAPEdYNAMICS

At first glace,

This pod looks almost identical to the Trulieve Trupod with the addition of a hinged bottom that allows for easy refilling. The Cora Pod V2 (Set of 2) comes with 2 Silicone dropper joints which allow for a super clean and easy fill with virtually no mess.

The Airflow on this pod seems good and the intake slits seem to be nice and low on the center core, allowing you to use the most of your concentrate.

Over all it looks nice and sturdy, lightweight and easy to fill.

Lets get into the actual filling instructions.

Filling the VapeDynamics Cora Pod

There are many ways to go about refilling the corapods, this is just my preferred method under ideal circumstances. (Feel free to improvise)  

Things you’ll need:

  1. Hair dryer (other heating methods work fine)

  2. VapeDynamics Cora Pod 

  3. Silicone dropper joint (included with pods)

  4. Distillate of your choice

  5. Scissors (optional)


filling time

So You just picked up your favorite gram of distillate and your Corapods Arrived in the mail. It’s filling time!


Start by cutting the Silicone dropper joint with scissors to proper size for your distillate. You just need the tip of the syringe and a small portion of the flared edge to be covered by the Silicone dropper joint. ( leave the nipple on the Silicone dropper joint )

Next, Turn your hair dryer on to Medium heat and place the empty CoraPod on the end of the dryer (If its a metal Hair dryer the pod will magnetize) Also hold your distillate over the heat for about 30 seconds. I put the empty pod over heat to help with settling issues later.

Once the distillate has warmed into a thinner oil (typically 30 seconds to a minute) Place your Silicone dropper joint, Nipple first into the bottom of the CoraPod by simply twisting the base of the pod counter-clockwise to expose the loading holes.

Now slip your syringe as far into the Silicone dropper joint as you can to insure a clean transfer and begin applying pressure to the plunger. You will see the distillate start to fill the pod slowly, once the first half is about full you can simply turn the pod and let the distillate run down and continue filling. The other option is to pull the Silicone dropper joint out and re-insert it into the other filling hole. Your choice completely, but I believe the viscosity will have a lot in determining which method you choose. I was able to get the majority of the syringe into the CoraPod with little left behind in the syringe.

When you reach your desired fill limit, remove the Silicone dropper joint from the hole and twist the base of the CoraPod Clockwise to snap it back shut. ( watch out for spills! )


priming THE POD

tHE lAST STEP IS TO PRIME YOUR POD. ESSENTIALLY YOU WANT TO HEAT THE OIL TO A THINNER STATE AND GET AS MUCH OIL TO FLOOD THE CENTER COIL AS POSSIBLE. i Found that by re-magnetizing the pod to the hair dryer, standing upright, with medium heat helps with this process tremendously! simply let heat and gravity do the work for another 30 seconds while you watch the bubbles rise >

Remove the pod from the heat and “dry pull” the pod itself with no battery attached. continue “dry pulling” for a good minute on and off to help the oil fill the coil. There is no exact science to this, but i notice a major difference if i do not prime my pods like this.

Thats It


Thats all there is too it. Snap it right into Your Trulieve Trustick and take your dabs on the go with Style and Discretion, the Slayer-way. There honestly is nothing out there quiet as good as the TRUE TRulieve trupod for the trustik. however i understand patients desire to try third party options. huge shout out for the anonymous donation of the corapod! if you have a product you would like reviewed feel free to (contact us).

I hope you found this tutorial helpful, if so please share if with a fellow Florida Medical Marijuana Patient on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Etc!


Thanks for reading and happy Slaying!