With the Florida medical marijuana industry in it’s “adolescent” stage, every Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC) or dispensary has its own variety / array of products to offer. the range of products can differ from one another quiet a bit. Take the true “slayers” approach and try a little bit of everything from each of the available dispensaries in the state!



“Our mission is to produce pharmaceutical-grade, standardized dose medical cannabis to improve your health and well-being. We are known for high-quality, reliable and effective medical cannabis products which are available in a variety of formats and strains.”


-40% for pediatric patients.

-$50 off your first $150 spent.

-free vape battery with purchase of first cartridge.

- 20% for veterans and active military.

-20% compassionate care discount.

-10% senior discount.


“At Trulieve, we strive to bring you the relief you need in a product you can trust. Our plants are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible at every turn.“


first time patient - 15 % off your entire order
New card/ Annual renewal - $75 off $150 order
veterans - 10% / snap 10%
Rewards program - 10 % off after 500 points ($1= 1 point)

MUV - Altmed Florida

MUV - Altmed Florida

MUV (AltmEd)

“AltMed’s mission is to produce safe, reliable and effective cannabis based therapies with pharmaceutical industry level quality and consistency. “


25% First time Patient discount!

10% Veterans Discount