Certified florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers

Grow Healthy

“At GrowHealthy, we are dedicated to helping our customers live healthier, happier lives. We produce premium-quality cannabis products designed to provide relief from a host of conditions and to promote general wellness.”


First time Patient- $50 off of first order over $150



We strive to make the most consistent, highest quality cannabis in the industry because we care about our customers and want them to have the very best outcomes. We spare nothing when we develop and deliver our products. We invest time, effort, knowledge, passion, pride and a meticulous process to guarantee the best user experience possible.


fisrt time patients 20%

Veterans- 20% for vet

birthday- 10%


“At VidaCann patient care is number one. We strive to bring you the safest most consistent cannabis products on the market to most effectively treat your condition and provide you the best quality of life. “

First time- $55 off $100 at each location

15% off vets

15% off pediatric

15% off employees of cannabis dr. offices