Dreamcicle Slim Vape - Curaleaf -

Dreamcicle Slim Vape!

Hybrid - Disposal 
Flavor- Dreamcicle (orange cream)

Another Tasty Disposable "Slim vape "from Curaleaf

Think back to those old school Flintstones Push-pops BUT with Cannabis oil infused. That's exactly what this Dreamcicle slim vape taste like. A smooth and creamy citrus taste on the inhale with a nice earthy Marijuana taste on the exhale. Hands down the best tasting slim yet! I love the fact that this device is so discreet and convenient. You can take this almost anywhere. I've used them in concerts, theme parks , and even the movie theater 😂. At $18 /each,these are perfect for the beach compared to potentially ruining a $40-60 cartridge + a battery. All of the slims seem to come in a Hybrid only option which is fine for me. I always know what to expect as far as effects but I can switch up the flavors every day. The effects are pretty mild as it is only 30% THC but dont let that percentage fool you. Too many rips off of this pen and you'll find yourself staring out the window thinking about that one time you...... you get the point. 
10/10 great job curaleaf! I look forward to reviewing some new slim flavors in the future.

- Strain slayer

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