Flower 10

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L.A. Confidential

Strain- L.A. Confidential
(OG LA Affie X Afghani)
Indica - Preroll
23% THC
1 G - 💲13
Dispensary- @trulieve_
🚫Nothing for Sale🚫
After a terrible experience with prerolls at @curaleaf.usa I was hesitant to try them again from any MMTC, however I'm glad I didnt let that stop me from giving #trulieve a try. .
L.A. Confidential - "Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush" This is a powerful painkilling plant with epic Origins including the landrace we all know - Afghani crossed with a pure Indica strain called #oglaaffie this gives you an incredibly incapacitating indica that is sure to numb aches and pains! Trulieve offers this strain in 1 Gram prerolled joints with crutches.Though nice to look at, the joint was packed a bit tight (to be expected from machines) but after a soft massage she burned beautifully. Full Flower Flavor on every toke, no planty, shakey, leafy taste here. Straight nug in a preroll?? It seems so! The flavor of this #laconfidential is a classic pungent Calli #pine #woody#earthy terpene profile. Smooth but heavy hits that sink in like a ton of bricks. Heavy eyes, slumped posture, and zero pain or anxiety in sight while medicating with this strain. I highly recommend patients dealing with #insomnia #pain #stress #depression#gastrointestinal issues or anyone that needs a boost in their appetite to give this L.A. Confidential a try. If I had to describe the overall experience in one word it would be (CALM) physically and mentally just chill as fuck 😏. Although I prefer to roll my own, I will definitely be keeping @trulieve_ in mind when speaking to patients with Arthritis or other ailments that hinder them from the tedious task of rolling for themselves.... also it's a nice way to try a strain without spending $50

lemon tree flower.PNG

Lemon Tree

Strain- Lemon Tree
Lemon Skunk x Sour Diesel
50/50 Hybrid
3.5 Grams
18.6 % THC
Dispensary- @trulieve_
🚫Nothing for sale🚫
Lemon Tree, one of my favorite shatter strains from Trulieve now offered in loose flower! To be honest I was not overly impressed by the look or smell of this flower but a few hits from a blunt and I was reminded of why I love this strain. Amazing medicinal value with this #lemontree, from relaxing my anxiety/ overthinking to calming my gastrointestinal issues, I would rate this one of the best calming/ pain relieving buds out there with no heavy couch locking effects. A gassy, earthy and citrus flavored flower with long orange hairs and sticky trichomes that leaves a spicy bite on the tongue. The effects are balanced 50/50 with an immediate sativa brain buzz followed by a "blanket body high" that relieves all physical pain and a great antinflamitory strain due to it's high levels of the terpene #caryophyllene . A nice happy but chill high that is long lasting and mildly euphoric. A perfect strain for mid/late day medicating or anytime when the stress is high. Need something to stimulate your appetite? This Lemon Tree had me munching everything in sight. Hide your cookies hide your cake... they aren't safe when you are smoking this #lemontree



StraIN- Shriker
(Miami Haze x The Cube)
Sativa - Flower
3.5 / 50
Dispensary - @risecannabis 🚫Nothing for Sale🚫
Woooooow.... This skrieker from @rise.cannabis is on another level! Dense ass Christmas tree nugs that are covered in so much kief that it is hard to photograph with the flash. Stickey to the touch like tree sap, this #Shrieker calls for a grinder to break it up for sure!
The smell is a loud "Cat piss" terpene profile, high levels of limonene and myrecne give it an earthy citrus taste that burns so smooth. I enjoyed this stain most when pressed into rosin by the hommie @rozninc (Go checkout his profile for some awesome #rosinshots) But it also tasted great from some clean Glass or in a Hemp wrap! Strap yourself in tight, one hit of this strain and you are blasting off into a twilight haze head high that will leave you mystified and wanting more! This strain is about 80/20 sativa leaning and the effects follow suit. A brain bending, behind the eyes, bright lights and vibrant colors type of high is to be expected when medicating with this Shrieker. This is a swift kick in the ass in plant form! Perfect for anyone dealing with depression, stress, lack of energy, creativity loss, +patients looking to have a good laugh and enjoy the moment. I can't properly explain, nor will my photos do this plant justice but trust me when I saw this is a strain to keep an eye out for! The creative buzz I get from medicating with this flower makes it a top 3 "Artists" strain and I imagine musicians would love this Shriker! I have no criticism on this strain other than patients prone to Anxiety and some PTSD patients have reported it to be VERY HEADY. Patients newer to cannabis, medicated low and slow... you can always smoke more, but you cant unsmoke any 😂. I look forward to what Rise has to offer the patients of Florida in terms of Flower more than any other MMTC. I'd love to see some half Oz or Oz options at a discounted rate but the fact that they offer "popcorn nugs" at a discount is Killer! Keep up the great work