Flower 11

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Manderine Dreams

Strain- Manderine Dreams
(Stormtrooper #2 x Mandarin Sunset)
16% THC
3.5 Grams - 43 bucks
Dispensary- @trulieve_ 🚫Nothing for sale🚫
#Mandarindreams an Indica dominate Hybrid bred by @ethos_genetics by crossing Stromtrooper #2 with Manderine Sunset, the result is a tropical, citrus smelling flower with major medicinal effects. My batch from #trulieve came in at a measly 16% THC which is pretty low compared to most dispensary grade bud. However this did not seem to take away from the pain relieving and anxiety reducing effects that this strain has to offer. The buds are a fuzzy orange and light green, dense nug structure and packed full of a citrusy, and sweet terpene profile. This flower was grown/ flushed/ trimmed beautifully. It smoked smooth and burned white with a clean fast hitting head high that is sure to lift you our of a bad mood. The effects that followed the next hour and a half were heavy ,pain relieving, and sleep inducing which was great after a long bike ride. Muscle pain, gastrointestinal issues, and even my mental stress all faded along with me as I slept off the sore muscles. Patients dealing with pain, Insomnia, Stress, depression, or nausea... I would seriously give this strain a try! I'd like to see higher THC #s in the future but remember terpenes and other cannabinoids play a major roll in the medicinal side of cannabis!

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Phone Home

Strain- Phone Home
(Strawberry Banana Phenotype)
Indica dominate Hybrid (70/30)
Flower - 3.5G - popcorn nugs - 35 bucks
Dispensary- @rise.cannabis
🖕Nothing for sale🖕
#Rise continues to blow my mind with their selection of rare phenotypes and top shelf strains always in rotation!
The latest extraterrestrial strain on the menu is this #StrawberryBanana phenotype from DNA Genetics and Crockett Family Farms #PhoneHome! High levels of THC and a tasty blend of terpenes that not only smell great but also provide incredible medicinal properties. The smell is a mix of spicy, sweet, and an earthy berry that come together to make a unique profile "Cannaoisseurs" will surely enjoy. I enjoyed this strain most from a good old fashioned Joint. Dont get me wrong it tasted great regardless but with some unbleached papers you really get the full flavor that this strain has to offer. Woody, Chocolate, and a hint of vanilla on the inhale and a long lasting sweet flavor on the palate after exhaling. The effects hit me in the face almost instantly with a Psychedelic head high and equally sedating body high. A perfect strain for melting into the couch with a loved one and watching hours of conspiracy theories on Netflix. The body buzz on this strain is unlike anything I've felt in a while. A warm fuzzy feeling from head to toe that calms all pain, anxiety, depression and lulls you into a deep sleep. Patients dealing with sleeping disorders, chronic pain, gastrointestinal inflammation, various mental illnesses + like ailments I highly suggest checking out this Phone Home from @rise.cannabis. I'm a sucker for the "popcorn nugs" for 35 bucks an eighth, all day 😎 with no reduction in quality whatsoever - ILL TAKE EM! .
KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK #risecannabis. There hasn't been a Flower I havent loved from you guys! .


Rudeboi OG

Strain- Rudeboi OG
(Irene OG x Face Off OG)
Indica Dominate Hybrid
Flower - 3.5G / 50
Dispensary- @altmed_fl .
🔊Rudeboi bass mash up the place🎶
My head feels like there is a skrillex concert going on in there after a few tokes of this #rudeboiog from @muvflower. Thoughts jumping around, music on repeat stuck in my head, I'm having a blast... but anyone looking at me would probably tell you I look comatose and I am drooling 🤣. This is some serious medicine right here. Strong piney and earthy terpene profiles come with this potent cross of Irene OG and Face Off OG (OG squared?) The taste is out if this world, with a complex array of peppery, piney, woody, and the most prevalent flavor of them all HASH! Every hit taste like it was topped with a few good scrapes from the old hash ball. This may not be everyone's favorite terpene profile but my oldschool smokers will appreciate it. As for effects, This strain definitely leans Indica but has no loss in cerebral effects whatsoever. Physically I feel relaxed/ calm and slightly sedated. Mentally I feel like I just chased a red bull with a 5 hour energy. A very creative and uplifted high with amazing pain relieving qualities as well. This makes for a great after work or post workout strain. Perfect for chilling out but not knocking out quiet yet. Patients dealing with chronic pain symptoms, anxiety, depression, eating issues, Gastrointestinal disorders and so many others ailments; I truly believe you may find relief with this strain!