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Orange Blossom Triangle Kush


  • Indica

  • Prerolled Joint

  • 1 gram/each 

  • Thirteen bucks each

  • Dispensary- Curaleaf 🚫Nothing for sale🚫 .
    So a few posts back I was super stoked to see @curaleaf.usa release a new smokable option with the addition of 1g Prerolled joints. I grabbed one of each strain they had and was eager to try them. It only took a few drags to realize just how BAD these things really are. I should have known better, as prerolls are notorious for being the "hotdogs" of the industry, packed with trim, shake, and ground up stems. They taste atrocious, it burns black and is packed so tight they either wont pull... Or they canoe. Thie orange blossom triangle kush lacked any terpene profile or taste other than a harsh planty taste. As for effects, little to NONE. I spent most of the time trying to get the joint to burn straight, I recommend massaging the joint a bit before attempting to smoke it to break up the bud a bit. I hate to sound so negitive but I am just being real with you #slayers. This is a decent option for people with ailments making it hard to grind/roll your own, but otherwiss I can't imagine why anyone would buy these... Ill roll my own thanks #curaleaf .
    1 time buy for me... Never again, but feel free to check then out yourself and tell me otherwise. With a strict 2.5 oz per 35 days Ill be saving my smokable for some real smoke. 


Truberry OG

  • Strain- "Tru"Berry OG (OG Kush x Blueberry) 

  • Indica dominate Hybrid 

  • Loose Flower/ 3.5g 

  • 17% 

  • Dispensary- @trulieve_fl .
    Looking for an Indica dominate Flower with a sweet berry terpene profile? Look no further, @trulieve_fltruberry og is a great strain for anyone looking for a little less pep in their step 😁. The nugs were all trimmed beautifully and covered in Kief. A true sweet candy smell flows from the jar when you crack it open for a look, filling the room with an earthy sweetness. The cure was still a bit dry but better than a few of the others smokeable strains I've tried so far. Darker colors with some purples scattered throughout the nug make for a beautiful flower. As for effects, this strain comes on with a quick cerebral rush ( head high) making you very happy and uplifted shortly followed by a heavy couch locking Indica feel you'd expect from the cousin of Blueberry. This a a great strain for dealing with chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, lack of appetite and Anxiety/depression. 
    Truberry OG won't be an every day smoke for me but I would enjoy this after a long stressful day. .


Bubble Gum

I'm very excited to finally be reviewing full SMOKABLE cannabis here in the state of Florida! Huge shout out to @trulieve_fl for being on top of the industry/ having smokable flower FIRST! .
ON to this #BUBBLEGUM Hybrid Flower. Trulieve sells this flower by the eighth (3.5 grams) but pre-rolls and larger quanities should be coming soon (hopfully there will be a price break) The bubble gum came absolutely COVERED in tricombs, refelecting bright like a 💎. The smell was lighter than expected, but it did have a nice subtle sweet smell that actually smells like BUBBLE GUM! the cure was better than some of the other strains I've checked out but still not perfect. I won't harp on the cure too bad from anyone right now as Flower was pushed through overnight and I didnt expect anyone to be fully prepared. The taste is unique, a black licorice/ chewing gum flavor most likely due to its high Beta- carophyllene terpene profile. The effects are about as evenly balanced between head and body that you can ask for in a good Hybrid. Relaxing and simultaneously uplifting with no anxiety or risk of mid day yawning. A truly perfect day time anxiety killer. Bubble gum has won 2 cannabis cups and has been popular with patients with a range of issues from Anxiety/Depression to Inflamation related pain and much more! .
What did you think of the bubble gum? .