Flower 6



Strain- Sirius 
Flower cups 
3.5 grams
632.2mg THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl (Tampa)
Perfect timing #MΓΌV my last flower cup purchase ever was the Indica , #sirius Now you are dropping them to $40, Thats a deal #Slayers .
As you probably can tell by now I am a sativa guy 90% if the time, but occasionally an indica will smell so dank I have to give it a try... That was the case with this Sirius! Crazy terpene profile that packs a punch in both smell and taste. I was pretty disappointed at how dry my pod was... But thats too be expected at this point with flower pods, that aside I enjoyed the sweet and spicy taste while burning this down in a bong, blunt and joint. With such a unique terpene profile I decided to try each pod in a different way. The effects are light not the heaviest indica out there, which makes it a nice day time Indica for relieving some stress without the lethargic/ couch locking effects. I found this strain to be extremely uplifting and great for depression. A few puffs off of this siruius and you will see what I mean. A nice, chill happy feeling. I imagine this would be a great concert strain! Music seemed to come alive after smoking a bowl of this seriously tasty sirius. .
I would love to see better curing even in these pods as I've seen it done ;) but otherwise @muvflower πŸ‘ŠβœŒ hats off on this #siriusflower keep up the great work. .
Nothing for sale
Educational purposes only. .


Predator Pink

Strain- Predator Pink
(Plushberry x Starfighter)
Indica leaning hybrid 
3.5 G 
Cost- 47 
Dispensary-@curaleaf.usa .
#curaleaf back at it again, with some incredible smokable flower! .
Predator Pink, a 60/40 Indica leaning hybrid with some of the prettiest colors on any bud I've gotten yet. Darker green buds, with purples/pinks scattered throughout overlayn by a thick coat of glistening trichomes. This flower was cured to perfection, easy to break up and trimmed by an artisan. The terpene profile on this flower was mild, not super gassy just a nice sweet earthy and candy like flavor profile. Nice clean white ash on the burn with rich sweet hits every time. I enjoyed my #predatorpink in a dutch master Palma, and also smoked a few bowls from my bong. This is a perfect strain for after work relaxation. Melt the stress away, numb any physical pain and enjoy the rest of your night as you sink into your bed with some netflix and a pint of ice cream. The uplifting feeling you get from this strain makes it great for depression and anxiety but the Indica side of this strain is what seems to linger for a few hours after smoking


Poison Fruit

Strain- Poison Fruit
Flower cups 3.5grams 
777 mg THC 
22.2 % THC
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl .
So #trulieve had a nice little surprise the last time I went in to get more rso - #Poisonfruit Tru-Flower. A hybrid bred from one of my all time favorites Durban Poison! This sativa leaning hybrid comes packed with piney and peppery aromas with hazy undertones. It honestly smelled like super silver haze mixed with durban poison. The taste follows the terpene profile to a tee. Super peppery inhales with dank hazzy exhales and a sweet after taste on the tongue. The flower was a little dry which is to be expected in these little ceramic cups, but after trying @vidacannfla I've raised my standards haha. The high was very heady, sets in right behind the eyes giving you that nice "headband feel. Great for all sativa lovers alike. If you are looking for some energy, creative vibes or some relief from depression like symptoms this is your strain. Keep up the great work @trulieve_fl .