Flower 8


Bubba Doja

Strain- Bubba Doja
(Pre-98 Bubba Kush x Double Purple Doja)
Indica - Flower 
3.5/ 50 
Dispensary- @rise.cannabis (Pinellas Park) 🚫Nothing for sale🚫
🚫Stop what you're doing🚫
⛽ This is some serious ⛽
Bubba Doja, a ridiculous cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Double Purple Doja that come together to make an extremely sedating, pain relieving and anxiety zapping Medicine. These #Bubbadoja buds are some of the absolute best I've seen in the state no joke! Crazy nug structure, trichome covered, sticky as honey buds with a sweet grape terpene profile that will blow you away. This flower has a rainbow of colors from orange hairs, light - dark green and even dark purple spots.I pressed a bud between my fingers and it survived the "upside down shake" challange, glued to my finger, going nowhere. Hand breaking this bud was a challenge, it is so sticky the buds reform as you break it up. The smell that comes from this flower is an earthy grape mixed with a sweet kush that some describe as a coffee scent. You might want to have a seat before enjoying this Bubba Doja as every puff seemed to sit me back in my chair further and further until I was eventually just laying down 😂. Pain relieving, stress melting body high that is in its own league. I used this strain after a 25 mile bike ride and it numbed my leg cramps almost instantly. I highly suggest patients dealing with depression, inflammatory ailments, eating disorders, pain of all types, or insomnia give this BUBBA DOJA FLOWER a try! .
Side note- Amazing strain for Gastrointestinal issues!

strawberry c.PNG

Strawberry Cough 

Strain- Strawberry Cough 
Flower (Flower Cups)
614mg THC
Dispensary- @curaleaf_florida (Palm Harbor)
$47/3.5grams .
Another BANGER from #curaleaf!#Strawberrrycough In flower cups! Say no more, the Strawberry Cough vape carts were so good I had to try this. 
This is truly a treat for sativa lovers, with an Earthy and Sweet berry aroma and taste that is completely unique. Myrcene, limonene, and Caryophyllene being the dominate terpenes, create a True Strawberry taste that is unmatched in any other strain I've tried. Curaleaf has really stepped up their game on quality too. No more freeze dried bud or shake in the cup, just 100% sticky nugs that burn WHITE (SEE PIC 2) 
The high from this flower is great, fast acting Sativa like focus rolls over your brain. After a few tokes I'm ready to get some chores done, write some new content or do anything else that requires focus, energy and creativity. I highly recommend this strain to anyone looking for an uplifting and energic type of strain. 
#StrawberryCough would also be great for Anxiety, Depression, or stress and has been found to be helpful for headaches and pain! 
I can not wait to see what else curaleaf rolls out! 
7/10 on the slayer scale. 


Jack Herer

Strain- Jack Herer (Haze x Shiva Skunk x Northern Lights #5)
Sativa - Flower 
3.5Grams- 682.5Mg
$55/ 8th 
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl (clearwater)

The infamous Jack Herer, named after "The Emperor of Hemp", an American cannabis rights activist, Is a treat for Sativa lovers. This Super peppery smelling Flower has a sweet undertone of earthy/ woody aroma. The taste is no different straight BLACK PEPPER and almost a hint citrus (maybe just the sweet earthy flavor though) not the most enjoyable everyday strain as far as taste but the effects are perfect for knocking out some chores, writing music, painiting along with #bobross or any other activity that requires creativity and focus. At 19.5% Thc this flower comes with a kick! Instant "in your face" high that sets in behind your eyes. Sharp vision and focus and super creative vibes are what you can expect for a good 2 hours after Smoking/Vaping this bud. 
As always I'd love to see the price come come down and be more competitive with @curaleaf_floridabut for the time being I will save a few of these for special occasions. 
7/10 on the slayer scale. Nice job #trulieve. I cant wait to see what strains you release next! .