Flower 9



Strain- Afghani 
Prerolled Joint 
1g- $13
Dispensary- @curaleaf.usa .
You think I would have learned my lesson with the OBTK preroll from #curaleaf but... I gave them the benefit of the doubt and went back for another preroll, this time it was the classic Indica we all know by now #Afghani .
Ill start by saying I love the idea of prerolled joints. They can be extremely helpful for patients who are unable to roll their own due to debilitating ailments. However I would not advise anyone waste their money at curealeaf on their prerolls. This Afghani had the same fate as previous OBTK joint I tried. Packed with low quality trim/shake, these joints go from canoeing to not pulling to ultimately being ripped apart and smoked in a bowl rather than dealing with the frustration. Afghani is know for being an amazing strain for dealing with insomnia, pain, anxiety and muscle spasms however even after smoking the full 1G joint in one sitting I felt little to No effect. This is not a negative post by any means, but most patients (like myself) are on a limited budget and cant afford to waste money on bad meds. 
Terrible taste👎
No effect 😕
Stressful to smoke😡
Save your dollars for some real smoke #Slayers .


Super Silver Haze

Strain- Super Silver Haze (Skunk x Nothern Lights x Haze)
Sativa- Flower 
3.5 G- 43 
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl .
🚫Nothing for sale🚫
A green house seeds- multiple cannabis cup winning super sativa grown beautifully by #Trulieve👍👍👍
Super silver haze, a mind melting sativa known around the map for its extreme potency and amazing taste.The smell of this flower, whilst in the jar, is a smooth/sweet fruit that to me smells like fresh bananas. The nug structure was solid with beautiful trichome production that shines bright in natural light or under a 💎 light. The buds break up easy and leave a citrusy / earthy smell on your fingers ( I wish I could make a candle with this terpene profile 😎) The headrush that follows your first rip of this #supersilverhaze is insane! A nice headband buzz with an uplifting energetic mental rush. I love this strain for days when my depression is in full force or my stomach is giving me the typical GI issues I deal with almost daily. A flavorful, fatigue fading, flower great for wake and medicate sessions or a good mid-day boost. Patients dealing with - Depression, Fatigue, pain, GI issues, or anyone who needs a good pick me up CHECK THIS OUT! .
Keep some juice nearby this one will dry your mouth out! Hahah


Soflo Kerosene

Strain- Soflo Kerosene
(Sour Diesel x The White) 
Sativa- Flower
3.5/ 50 
Dispensary- @rise.cannabis
🚫Nothing for sale🚫
#risecannabis blowing the flower game out of the water right now. This #kerosene will singe your nose-hairs and leave you in a haze. .
Take the legendary "Sour D" and mix it with the "The White" (A Florida bred mystery strain) and you get one of the most gassy, rubbing alcohol, terpene profiled strains I've ever smelled. The name is describes it perfectly- "Soflo Kerosene." The nug structure is solid with dense trichome coverage & covered in light orange hairs, beautifully trimmed and cured, these nugs belong in a magazine! Its not often I'll pay 50 for 3.5 and be happy about it but I didn’t miss a cent after smoking this Kerosene. A straight up energetic and uplifting head rush that resembles a kief bowl high. Red eye'd and day dreaming I found this strain made me forget about my stress and pain and float off into La La land. A potent gassy profile on every hit with an earthy citrus finish, smooth, clean and tasty. This is a great strain for patients dealing depression, a high stress lifestyle, migraines, inflammation related ailments and so much more! .
*side note* THIS is a great strain for creativity! Graphic designers, artists, musicians CHECK THIS STRAIN OUT! .