crescendo Tru-Flower

This #crescendo is LOUD! A new strain from #trulievefl that is about to blow up, mark my word. This pain killing, heavily sedating indica not only Looks like a shimmering pile of green diamonds but it hits hard and heavy. Sweet fruity and dank aromas waft from the jar and the crescendo gets louder once the pesky ceramic has been removed ;). The taste is almost exactly like the smell. Berry, sweet, with earthy and dank undertones. Smooth, white ash, no sticks or seeds, just nice frosty nugs. At 23.5% THC this strain packs a punch. Indica properties shine through prominently with a total mind and body relaxation that I've only found in a handful of strains. This #crescendostrain makes my top 3 list for #anxiety #insomnia #pain #chronicpain etc. Great for anyone needing an appetite also. Major munchies πŸ˜‚πŸ‡ . 
I can not say enough about the healing properties of this strain, I slept on a cloud after 1 blunt of this amazing Indica! 
10/10 @trulieve_fl. I'm genuinely Impressed 

  • Strain- Crescendo

  • Indica - Flower Cup 

  • 23.5% THC 

  • 3.5 grams 

  • 822 mg THC 
    @trulieve_fl. (Clearwater)

MUV Flower Cup

MUV Flower Cup

Banana Hammock

  • Strain- Banana Hammock (Grape God x Manderine Sunset)

  • Indica 

  • Flower cups- 3.5 grams 

  • 16%THC 

  • 563mg THC
    Dispensary- @muv.fl (Tampa) .

    BANANA HAMMOCK. . . .Now that you have a image of a tourist on the beach in a man thong let me fix that....

    Coming in at 16% THC, this Heavy Indica has earned a lot of respect from from me in the last few days. Don't let the lower numbers fool you. This strain will put you down!

    Crack open the top of one of these #BANANAhammock pods from @muvflower and you will see what all the hype is about. This BH came looking beautiful. Cured proper, trimmed nicely, and full of stickey trichomes. The smell is intense! Super loud Sweet citrus/lime with some pugent earthy undertones that somehow come together to make a Banana like smell and taste. This flower ashed white as paper and burned smooth with little to no caugh inducing burn. The high was very obviously indica as it numbed my whole body after just a few hits. All tension, stress, back pain and GI irritation went away as a lay in a hazy cloud of bliss watching netflix. I typically prefer my flower in a Dutchmaster -Palma - however with this rare terpene profile I had to burn half of it in a bowl and the other half In a Raw Organic Paper for full flavor! .
    This strain is a well know for its antispastic properties and Insomnia tranqualizing abilty. Great for patient dealing with a range of Pain related symptoms or Stress, anxiety, and everything in that nature. .
    @muv.fl Thank you for providing high quality Flower for the patients of Florida. Nothing helps my symptoms quiet like mother nature in all of her "whole flower" glory πŸ˜‡βœŒ. .


Lemon Bubba

Strain- #lemonbubba (Bubba kush x Lemon Kush)
Indica leaning hybrid 
Flower cups 
3.5 grams 
22% THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl. (Tampa)

@muvflower hats off, you guys killed this strain!

This lemon bubba flower coming in at 22% THC comes with the absolutely craziest terpene profile I've ever smelled or tasted hands down! If i could make a candle with this scent I would be a millionaireπŸ˜‚ . Super citrus (limonene) is the initial smell but there are definetly some dank kushy indertones. The taste is exactly as it smells. You can taste the parent strain bubba kush on the exhale for sure as it leaves that gassy haze taste lingering behind but the lemon stands out above everything else. This indica dominate hybrid is amazing to #wakeandmedicate or burn before bed. It is uplifting and euphoric like a sativa, with body numbing relaxation you'd expect from a good indica. .
This strain has helped me personally with Gastrointestinal Problems, Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia. The list of conditions this #lemonbubbakush could help with is endless. .

@muvflower I'd buy this by the pound if there was a price break πŸ‘ hands down the best flower in Florida 
I cant stop smelling the empty cups πŸ˜…