Flower cups

flower cups are a wonderful way to spice up your day. weather you’re new to cannabis or have been smoking doobies since 69’ you’re sure to enjoy the Medicinal value of the healing, all natural flower.

memory loss flower cups by  curaleaf

memory loss flower cups by curaleaf

memory loss

Exciting news from @curaleaf_fl 
3.5 grams of Memory loss stuffed into these "tamper proof" cups. First thing I loved was the smell that came blasting out of the package when I first cracked the seal, a pungent earthy/musty/ and almost citrus like smell that filled the room with quickness. After less than 30 seconds of inspecting one of the pods, I managed to pop the top off using my lighter. (Note- not all of them opened so easily) Curaleaf also is offering the volcano style table top vape for $300 less than Trulieve! 
Back to this flower... With a 70% sativa leaning traits this flower delivered exactly what you would expect from a strain bred from (Amnesia haze X face off Og) a mind melting euphoria swept over just seconds after a puff of my gar. Spacey, yet focused if that makes sense... Haha All stress and anxiety gone. Red eyes and dry mouth come full force with this sexy sativa. I would recommend this strain to anyone dealing with high stress, depression, anxiety, or anyone looking for a Good buzz.
8/10 on the slayer scale. 

  • 70/30 Sativa leaning Hybrid 

  • Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 

  • Cost- $53 for 3.5 grams 

First 48 -  Curaleaf

First 48 - Curaleaf

First 48

So after trying trulieves flower cups I was curious as to what else was available for flower in Florida. @curaleaffl currently offers these 1/4 gram pods (4 pack =1gram) for $15. The first thing I noticed is its much harder to "Accidentally break" these open. They are sealed shut which probably would be best to spend the $90 on their hybrid X vaporizer, but the strain slayer is old school. A pair of pliers and 10 minutes later I had a dank pile of flower in front of me ready to be rolled up. Half way through smoking it I caught myself just zoning out and spacing off. Amazing strain for stress but be careful with anxiety as this does come with potential for paranoia :/ First 48 has the power to stop an anxiety attack right in its tracks, I learned this first hand and have kept a pod of this strain close to me at all times for those types of situations. The taste and smell can only be described as DANK! A skunky citrus both in taste and smell.

F48- First 48 (Flower pod)
Lineage (The White X Orange Blossom Trail)
Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 
Mg THC- 197mg 
Cost- $15