Obtaining my Medical Marijuana Card

With amendment 2 going into effect, Floridians gained access to legal medical

marijuana. A victory no doubt, though tainted by a

(smoking ban) that was placed immediately. This

smoking ban limits the dispensaries from selling any

smokable products. This leaves the dispensaries in a

position where they have to get creative in the variety

of medicines and packaging of the products.

Qualifying Conditions

The official qualifying conditions are

  • Cancer

  • Epilepsy

  • Glaucoma


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease

  • Crohn’s disease

  • Chronic seizures

  • Parkinson’s disease

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • A terminal condition diagnosed by a physician other than the qualified physician issuing the certification

  • Chronic nonmalignant pain

    Which make it seem a lot more restricted than it really is.

This is due to to some tricky wording in the law that states

{Medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to those listed above }

can be considered (same kind or class) by a qualified

recommending physician [list of recommending physicians ].

This gives doctors some discretion in recommending medical

marijuana for a more liberal list of condition's including:

anxiety, gi issues, Endometriosis and {MORE}

This may vary from Doctor

to Doctor (some stick to the more strict qualified

conditions list) but the true list of treatable symptoms that

MEdical MArijuana can help with are VAST.

Here is the step by step, firsthand experience I had

obtaining my Florida Medical Marijuana card.

STEP 1- Determining if Medical marijuana

is right for you .

Deciding whether or not you are a qualified candidate

for Medical Marijuana is ultimately up to the

recommending physician.

However I believe step one

should start with you, and a self evaluation.

Is Medical Marijuana going to work for you?

Take a look at the (qualified conditions more info) page to determine if

you have any symptoms that medical marijuana may

help with.

my experience with marijuana

I knew for years prior to Amendment 2

that marijuana helped me with a range of issues from

anxiety/ depression to Some gastrointestinal issues.

years of (less than legal) experience smoking marijuana plus the time i

spent in Colorado, where Marijuana Is legal for recreational use. proved time and time again marijuana’s medicinal value to me.

( Notice - Anxiety nor depression fall on the qualified list of conditions however it can be considered

a (like) condition to PTSD, therefore a doctor may

recommend MMJ based on the similarity.)

[I personally didn’t have any medical records or documentation of

my anxiety disorder, other than an "Emotional Support Animal"

recommendation from another Physician.

I do recommend bringing any and all documents that prove you're

an eligible candidate to avoid any issues and to help

the Doctors recommend the best routes and products.]

Step 2. Choosing a Doctor/Office.

Choosing a doctor can be overwhelming and a little

anxiety inducing. If this is your first Medical Marijuana

Evaluation I recommend calling around to at least 5

different offices.

find out the following:

1. If they are qualified to recommend medical


2.Initial visit free ( make sure they Include all costs)

[Average $200-400 per 210 days]

3 Policy on recommendations (70 days at a time

or 210 Scheduled out)

4. Policy on adjusting milligrams if you run out before your

order renews. (are they going to make you wait or will

they adjust Mgs if needed, if so do they charge?)

5. Renewal fee(s)

6. Anything else you may need to know (Address,

Appointment openings, etc)


Step 3. Uploading your Photo ID and paying the

state registration fee

The next step involves an email that you should

receive shortly after your doctor registers you into

the medical marijuana use registry. This email will contain a link to the MMUR

sign in page as well as a temporary password and

your username (email.)

Everything was so easy to follow and they provided a help line [ (800) 808-9580 ]

if you have any questions

I paid my $75 fee electronically, uploaded a nice, clear,

sharp image of my Drivers license and proceeded

to wait for the next 2 weeks. (Application approval

times vary from 1-5 weeks - ( Check for OMMU updates )

If you do not receive a Temporary Approval Via email after 7

days I recommend calling (the 1800 number), to make

sure there are no issues that need resolved

(Incorrect address, Typo, or anything else.)

My approval came exactly 14 days after my

appointment, needless to say I was ready to hit the Dispensaries!

Step 4. Choosing a dispensary/products.

You've got your approval email in hand and you're

ready to try out some Medical Marijuana? What now?

Check out a list of Medical Marijuana Treatment

dispensaries Centers (mmct's) to find out what

options are available for local pickup / drive through / or delivery!

Make sure to check out Each Dispensary and ask about first time patient discounts!

Overall Experience

Overall my experience obtaining my Florida medical

marijuana card was Affordable, Relatively Quick, and

very simple. Everyone from the Medical Marijuana

Help Line to the Secretary in the doctors office were

extremely helpful in assisting me and pointing me

in the right direction.

Please refer to additional resources at

www.strainslayer.com for more info, product reviews

and so much more!

www.Strainslayer.com   - medical marijuana reviews, deals, guides and so much more!

www.Strainslayer.com - medical marijuana reviews, deals, guides and so much more!

Happy strain slaying!