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Strain- #lemonbubba (Bubba kush x Lemon Kush)
Indica leaning hybrid
Flower cups
3.5 grams
22% THC
@muv.fl. (Tampa)

@muvflower hats off, you guys killed this strain!

This lemon bubba flower coming in at 22% THC comes with the absolutely craziest terpene profile I've ever smelled or tasted hands down! If i could make a candle with this scent I would be a millionaireπŸ˜‚ . Super citrus (limonene) is the initial smell but there are definetly some dank kushy indertones. The taste is exactly as it smells. You can taste the parent strain bubba kush on the exhale for sure as it leaves that gassy haze taste lingering behind but the lemon stands out above everything else. This indica dominate hybrid is amazing to
#wakeandmedicate or burn before bed. It is uplifting and euphoric like a sativa, with body numbing relaxation you'd expect from a good indica. .
This strain has helped me personally with Gastrointestinal Problems, Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia. The list of conditions this
#lemonbubbakush could help with is endless. .

@muvflower I'd buy this by the pound if there was a price break πŸ‘ hands down the best flower in Florida
I cant stop smelling the empty cups πŸ˜…

Pootie Tang

Strain- Pootie Tang (Tang Tang x La Kush)
3.5 G Flower Cups
19% THC
695mg THC

"Pootie Tang will draw you a picture of how he gonna kick your ass, then mail it to you ten days in advance." - Pootie Tang- 2001
Roses are red, Kush buds are blue if you are looking for a savory sativa, this
#pootietangis for you. Lmao this pootie tang has me laughing at everything... Including my own jokes (whats new) πŸ˜‚. This flower was grown to perfection by @muvflower , super kiefy, sticky buds with gorgeous red hairs that look like they came right from my beard. The smell is Floral and sweet. Very Rose/ Fruity Flower smells and taste. The inhale has a skunky Berry flavor while the exhale tastes like a dozen roses covered in sweet kief. As expected with such a strong lineage, this Pootie Tang is a very heady sativa. This is one of the few strains out there that still give me the old school "giggles" which makes it perfect for patients dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, ADD, ADHD, lack of energy and so much more. Although this strain is very heady its not a "jittery" sativa high, just straight focus and euphoria. In all honesty it was not my FAVORITE strain as the effects seemed short lived compared to some of the other options out there. .



Sour Jack

Strain - Sour Jack
(Sour Diesel x Jack Herer)
Sativa - Flower 
24% THC 
3.5G - Flower cups 
Dispensary- @muv.fl
@muvflower Slaying another Super Sativa! Two of my favorite strains brought together to create this heavily heady herb πŸ’š
Take one part Jack Herer and one part Sour Diesel and what you end up with is one of the best Sativas I've found in the state. #sourjack is a piney/ lemony/ and diesel smelling Flower that comes pack with power. The terpine profile on the I strain is crazy! Lemon Bubba still holds my #1 spot but this Sour Jack holds a solid second for smell and taste. Everything you love about classic Sour D can be expected with an added citrus twist. Heavy Diesel Smells will linger long after the jar has been sealed πŸ’ͺ. The Flower broke up nice with a sticky tricomb blanket left on my fingers and burned beautifully. The taste on the inhale was very earthy and "Jack" Tasting whereas the exhale exhibited more of that Dank Diesel taste from its Sour D origins. As for effects, you can probably guess... Extreme Head HighπŸ™‡This sour jack had me creating new graphics for the website, taking the dog for a walk, mowing the grass, and eating everything in sight. If you are looking for a "kick in the ass" to get you going, this is your strain. This batch came in at 24% which I would recommend newer patients start very slow, as strain as it packs a wallop. Amazing depression relief for me personally. Ill be holding on to one of these cups for a rainy day β˜”

Thank you @muv.fl again, you've grown another amazing flower πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
10/10 as far as I'm concerned.