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Sour Jack

MÜV continues to impress me with everything I've purchased thus far, this sour jack concentrate is no exception. 
This was my first experience with a metered dispenser for concentrate, very unusual looking but super convenient for specific dosing. It is difficult however to refill trupods or other pod systems using this dispenser. The consistency is in between distillate and oil. Thick, but able to dispense easily without heating. The best thing about these concentrates are they are made from real STRAIN SPECIFIC cannabis-derived terpenes which allows you to cross reference the effects more effectively. The tatse and smell are STRONG, radiating a potent Marijuana/diesely haze. I tried this #sourjack in a blunt, as a dab, and in a #trustick all with great results in taste, potency, ect. Crossing two of my favorite sativas (sour d and jack Herer) I knew what to expect from this strain, a full mind blowing head high that hits quick and leaves you in the stars for hours. This is a great mid day/morning strain as it brought me a rush of energy red bull cant even bring me. Another great strain to use for stress, depression, motivation energy, or burst of creativity. Use with caution if you are prone to anxiety attacks or have had ill effects from sativas in the past. This shit hits! 

  • Strain- Sour Jack

  • (Sour D x Jack Herer) 

  • Sativa

  • Concentrate (metered dispenser)

  • 500Mg- $45 

shatter pooty tang 2.jpg


Stardawg is a cross between chemdawg 4 and tres dawg. A slightly sativa leaning hybrid that brings a pungent smell and nice earthy taste. The initial smell is very piney with a hint of diesel and the taste follows through with the same profile plus an added pepper taste on the exhale. The high was a fast acting "In your face"buzz that almosted lifted me off of my ass literally. A nice happy, energetic,creative vibe is what I experienced with this medicine. I would use with caution if you are prone to anxiety as this was a very cerebral heavy high that can make some people jittery and anxious. 
8/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/☁️☁️

  • Strain- Star Dogg 

  • Shatter

  • Dispensary- MüV (Tampa)

  • Mg THC- 713

  • Cost- $65/Gram 

  • 71.3% THC 

zour apples.PNG

zour apples

The apple doesn’t fall far from the 🌳 when it comes to @muv_chemist s #zourapples , It reminds me of the Sour Apples Flower I had a while back to a T. The effects, smell, everything!
Lets dive in... This distillate is like no other in Florida, STRAIN SPECIFIC/ CANNABIS DERIVED TERPENS! No mct oils or botanical flavors added! It honest makes a world of difference, using cannabis terpenes as it allows you to get full spectrum ( Entourage effect) that we should be getting!
Everything about this strain was on point from the clarity in the oil to the clean burn on the nail I was very impressed to say the least. A Sweet, juicy Apple with undertones of citrus is the perfect way to describe the taste. A clean, quick hitting head high will sweep you off of your feet and into la la land as the zour apples sets in.
I highly recommend this product to ALL sativa lovers and THC slayers alike. Very potent, so use with caution if you are newer to medical marijuana.
Side note- This stuff goes great in blunts, on top of bowls, or dabbed straight from a banger!