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Inzane in the Membrane

Strain - Inzane in the Membrane [Super lemon haze x forbidden fruit x ghost train haze x citral glue]
Sativa dominate
77.4% THC
774mg THC
Dispensary- MÜV (Tampa)
1G .
Happy Sunday
#Strainslayers ! Today I have somthing really nice to review for you, #inzaneinthemembrane! A crazy cross between some of my all time favorite strains like SLH, FBF, and Ghost train! This psychotic shatter will leave you in a cerebral Haze that will have you questioning your sanity! 1 dab will leave you delirious for hours as This strain is heavily sativa dominate. Great for "unhinged" focus, "erratic" energy, or some "crazed" crafts as I found a very artistic vibe from this strain. The terpene profile was lacking any dominate traits as was the taste. A bland "wax" taste nothing worth talking about. The consistency was not perfect, pull and snap rather than "shattery" not 100% a bad thing, its kind of easier to handle in a way but I prefer glass like shatter. Smell and taste aside this inzane in the membrane was a fantastic strain for sativa lovers looking for a super heady high. Medicinally I would recommend this strain for anyone dealing with depression, lack of energy, lack of motivation /creativity or just a general good feeling to help with stress.
6/10 as I've seen and smelled better from
But overall I enjoyed this strain. .

Velvet Glove

Strain- Velvet Glove (GMO Cookies x Nookies)
70/30 Indica Dominate 
736 mg 
Dispensary- @altmed_fl

#velvetglove an Indica dominate hybrid with epic cookie genetics! GMO Cookies mixed with Swamp boy Nookies! This strain is as potent as it sounds and twice as smooth. Velvet Glove has a nice fruity terpene profile and sweet taste with effects that pretty much all cannabis enthusiasts can enjoy. Indica dominate, however the Nookies (sativa) genetics are obviously still present with a quick head rush/ headband high that will leave you wondering why you walked into the kitchen . Shortly after though, you'll find yourself looking for a nice comfortable spot on the couch or bed and melting off for a few hours. I found this strain to have heavy body numbing effects which make it great for post work-work or patients dealing with chronic pain. Arthritis patients report that this is one of the best pain relieving strains out there! This Velvet Glove from #MüV didnt knock me out like some indicas, not sleep inducing but very calming and physically relaxing. I really enjoyed this strain for its mentally stimulating effects coupled with a heavy body high, great for killing pain of all types! .



Banana Hammock

Strain- Banana Hammock (Grape God x Manderine Sunset)

  • Indica 

  • Flower cups- 3.5 grams 

  • 16%THC 

  • 563mg THC
    @muv.fl (Tampa) .

    BANANA HAMMOCK. . . .Now that you have a image of a tourist on the beach in a man thong let me fix that....

    Coming in at 16% THC, this Heavy Indica has earned a lot of respect from from me in the last few days. Don't let the lower numbers fool you. This strain will put you down!

    Crack open the top of one of these 
    #BANANAhammock pods from @muvflower and you will see what all the hype is about. This BH came looking beautiful. Cured proper, trimmed nicely, and full of stickey trichomes. The smell is intense! Super loud Sweet citrus/lime with some pugent earthy undertones that somehow come together to make a Banana like smell and taste. This flower ashed white as paper and burned smooth with little to no caugh inducing burn. The high was very obviously indica as it numbed my whole body after just a few hits. All tension, stress, back pain and GI irritation went away as a lay in a hazy cloud of bliss watching netflix. I typically prefer my flower in a Dutchmaster -Palma - however with this rare terpene profile I had to burn half of it in a bowl and the other half In a Raw Organic Paper for full flavor! .
    This strain is a well know for its antispastic properties and Insomnia tranqualizing abilty. Great for patient dealing with a range of Pain related symptoms or Stress, anxiety, and everything in that nature. .
    @muv.fl Thank you for providing high quality Flower for the patients of Florida. Nothing helps my symptoms quiet like mother nature in all of her "whole flower" glory 😇✌. .