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Strain- Sirius
Flower cups
3.5 grams
632.2mg THC
@muv.fl (Tampa)
Perfect timing
#MüV my last flower cup purchase ever was the Indica , #sirius Now you are dropping them to $40, Thats a deal #Slayers .
As you probably can tell by now I am a sativa guy 90% if the time, but occasionally an indica will smell so dank I have to give it a try... That was the case with this Sirius! Crazy terpene profile that packs a punch in both smell and taste. I was pretty disappointed at how dry my pod was... But thats too be expected at this point with flower pods, that aside I enjoyed the sweet and spicy taste while burning this down in a bong, blunt and joint. With such a unique terpene profile I decided to try each pod in a different way. The effects are light not the heaviest indica out there, which makes it a nice day time Indica for relieving some stress without the lethargic/ couch locking effects. I found this strain to be extremely uplifting and great for depression. A few puffs off of this siruius and you will see what I mean. A nice, chill happy feeling. I imagine this would be a great concert strain! Music seemed to come alive after smoking a bowl of this seriously tasty sirius. .
I would love to see better curing even in these pods as I've seen it done ;) but otherwise
@muvflower 👊✌ hats off on this #siriusflower keep up the great work. .


Strain- Gorilla Glue #4 (Chem's Sister x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel)
Hybrid - Flower
3.5 g's
🚫Nothing for sale🚫 .
A multi- Cannabis Cup winning hybrid know world wide for its powerful sedating and mind melting effects, grown beautifully by
@altmed_fl . .
GG4, original Glue, Gorilla Glue... Whatever you want to call it, MüV did a great job on growing this powerful hybrid flower! Super pugent diesel/ pepper terpene profile due to high levels of Caryophyllene- an anti-inflammatory terpene found in many common plants such as cloves,cinnamon leaves, basil, etc. The taste is just as spicy and gassy leaving a piney/ earthy taste behind. The effects are equally Body/Head heavy. Pain numbing relaxation after a few puffs of this
#gg4 You will be In-Da-couch for sure. Get some snacks ready, turn on some Netflix and get ready to do nothing for the rest of the day 😂. The heady effects are right up there too, I find myself daydreaming heavy with this #gorillaglue. Very creative and artistic vibes... As long as the tools are within your reach. I would recommend this strain to anyone dealing with chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, or anything that is inflammatory related. Gg4 is a powerful Anti-inflammatory, making it great for GI related ailments.




Strain- Guru
(Forbidden Fruit x Petrol OG)
Hybrid- Flower
3.5 - 50
@altmed_fl 🚫Nothing for Sale🚫 .
I finally got my hands on some of this highly talked about
#guruflower from @muvflower and I can see what the hype is about. .
The true beauty of this bud is lost in the fact that my camera is years behind today’s technology but... What an amazing display of color varieties throughout these buds, The sparkling trichomes and the soft purples make this flower true eye candy! With parent strains as legendary as Forbidden Fruit and Petrol OG you can expect the terpene profile to be wild. Gassy and diesely fumes from the petrol but fruity and sweet taste from the Forbidden fruit come together to make a Diesel Sherbet taste. This Guru is definitely a strain you're going to want to smoke through glass, as much as I love blunts... I wanted to taste the full terpene profile on this one, and (CLEAN) bongs/pipes are the way to go. The effects are Indica heavy with body numbing traits you would expect from a forbidden fruit child strain combined with an uplifting and euphoric high great for those "In a funk" days. This would make a great after work/gym strain when you aren't quiet ready for bed but you want to melt some stress and pain away. .
Great strain for patients dealing with- Anxiety, Depression, Lack of appetite, Chronic pain, Inflammatory Ailments and so much more. .
The cure was not perfect and Im not a fan of the way
@altmed_fl currently packages their Flower (#savetheterps) but otherwise This Guru was Extremely impressive and worth every 💲