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citradelic sunset

I've had #citradelicsunset from alt med
In shatter form and absolutely loved it! When I saw they had the same strain in a cannabis terpene infused disposable I HAD TO TRY IT! Crazy, full cannabis smell and taste in a convenient, breath activated throw away pen. These pens are perfect for on the go and situations where discretion is preferred. Every hit from this citradelic sunset disposable pen feels and taste like a mini dab of the shatter. So smooth! No food grade terpenes, REAL strain specific cannabis terpens. I’ve said it before but I'll say it again... this makes a WORLD of difference in taste, smell and effect. A sweet "tangerine peel" citrus-like taste lingers with each puff. The effects are heavily sativa dominate but not lacking the healing qualities of its split indica lineage. Uplifting and extreamly cerebral, you can expect sharp focus, creativity and a general sense of happiness. Citradelic Sunset is a perfect Daytime strain for getting some chores done , getting out of a funk, or just kicking back and laughing at some standup comedy. .
I will say this pen seemed to go faster than most other disposable pens I've tried... but that could just be due to me enjoying it so much and hitting it more often 😂. I'd give it an 9/10 ✔✅✔✅✔✅✔✅

  • Strain - Citradelic Sunset (Ghost Train Haze x Mandarin Sunset)

  • (Sativa)

  • Disposable pen 

  • 300mg 

  • 219mg THC

Pillow Factory

Strain- Pillow Factory
(Black Fire x Mandarin Sunset)
Indica - Disposable Vape
230mg THC
@muv.fl (Tampa)
"When people tell me "You're going to regret that in the morning", I sleep in until noon because I'm a problem solver."
Good morning
#slayers and happy #shatterday. Today's review is on one of my favorite MüV Gold strains in a all in one, convenient, throw away disposable vape pen. A spicy citrus terpene profile can be found with full heavy hits every time from this breath activated "portable dab stick". Every puff on this cannabis terpene infused "all-in-one" vape pen hits like a small dab from a rig! Super potent, full flavor and none of the mess. I love taking these disposables to the @tampabaylightning.insta games, movie theaters and theme parks, or anywhere when smoking traditionally isn't an option. This #pillowfactory is a perfect indica for anyone dealing with chronic pain of all kinds. Fibromyalgia, arthritis back pain, insomnia, anxiety and so many other ailments can be relieved with this Black Fire x Mandarin Sunset cross. Cost efficient, super Terpy, potent and discreet. Hands down my favorite disposables in the state .
@muv.fl keep up the great work! .



Northern Lights

Strain- Northern Lights (Afghani x Thai)
G-pen Gio
Extract Cartridge- .5G
Northern Lights, one of the most infamous Indica strains out there, known for its extremely heavy body high and equally Mind- numbing/ Haze inducing cerebral effects.
#MüVlinked up with @gpen to provide us this super saught after strain in a portable, autodraw, rechargable vape pen. I love the design of the gpen and the cartridges themselves. It is heavy duty and protects the meds from any potential breakage. I popped this Northern lights cartirdge in about 3 days ago, and it STILL has a 1/4 left. These things last forever. (Standard 1g cart lasts me 2 days) The taste was great (after a few priming hits) an old-school OG kush kinf of flavor packed with cannabis terpenes. You can taste/feel the difference between PDT/CDT. Gassy, Piney and earthy hits every time leaving, leaving a taste behind like I just smoked a fresh bowl. The effects were subtle at first but after a few rips I noticed myself zoning out and day dreaming for long periods of time with no concept of time. This would be perfect for anyone dealing with Physical pain too, as my whole body was pain free. Gastrointestinal pain- Sore muscles were all relieved for several hours after a good 5-10 puffs on this #northernlights. Great taste, long lasting cartridges, and a nice entourage effects with the cannabis derived terpens!
Keep up the great work
Quality is clearly important to these guys ans it shows