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Strain- Clementine (Tangie x lemon Skunk)
Sativa dominate Hybrid
Gpen Gio Extract Cartridge
500mg (half gram)
335.8% THC
67% THC
@muv.fl (Tampa)
Nothing for sale, educational purposes only
Alright slayers I put off trying out this
#gpengio too long, @muv.fl was running a b2g1 on the Gpen Carts so I figured its time to scoop a few. .
Clementine, a sativa dominate mix of Tangie and Lemon Skunk comes with a super sweet orange peel flavor profile and a nice sweet skunky flavor behind after long after the smoke has cleared. I will say this flavor was not immediate, it took 10-20 puffs to get the coil fully primed (whiched tasted burnt in the meantime) but after coil was fully saturated the flavor was great! I reccomend heating these pods a bit and dry pulling on them, outside of the battery, to try and pre-wick before burning. As for effects the Clementine is listed as a Sativa.... However I found extremely relaxing effects, more than some indicas if Im being real. Heavy tired eyes, relaxed muscles and a calm mind. I found this strain to learn super heavy on the indica side. I talked to a few other patients that experienced the same effect with this strain which mad me curious. Both parent strains are Sativa dominate and have even won cups for their uplifting qualities... But for whatever reason this
#clementinemakes a great relaxtion strain. Great for insomniacs looking to ease a racing mind or chronic pain patients who need some physical relaxation. One thing I noticed with these cartridges is they seem to last MUCH longer than any standard cartirdge I've tried. A half gram GPen Pod lasted me longer than most full gram carts I've used in the past. That comes with the cost of smaller hits, as I find it hard to get big hits off of the gpen without a burnt taste. Not a complaint, in fact it helps me preserve my meds and not over medicate unnecessarily. .
Overall I enjoyed the Clementine, but probably wouldnt buy it again as I prefer uplifting/heady sativas. .

Lemon Lights

Strain- Lemon Lights
All-in-one pen
240 mg THC
@muv.fl .
Cheap, inconspicuous, and heavy hitting, these MรผV all on one pens rock! .
Lemon lights in a disposable "All-in-one" pen, you know I had to grab one๐Ÿ‘Œ
The taste is a zesty dank lemon cloud of goodness Initially almost stinks, its so DANK. . . but after exhaling a few puufs you will notice that lemon/orange peel tang. This little pen kicked my ass, Its been a while since I'd tried one of these disposables from
@muv.fl so I forgot that each hit is basically a small Dab from a rig. Powerful indica vibes from this Lemon Lights, body numbing and cerebral calming effects instantly. This strain seemed to give me that "puffy cheek" feel ๐Ÿ˜Š as if someone blew my face up like a balloon. All pain, anxiety, stress and worry went out the window as I found myself staring out said window daydreaming in a timeless blur. These pens are hands down my favorite disposables in the state, the price is right, taste is on point, they hit consistently, ans they get me LIT!
GREAT for pain, insomnia, appetite, gastrointestinal issues, stress and so much more! Super discrete, until you take a big rip, and then you can smell those REAL cannabis terpines! The Entourage effect is real guys and it shows with these bad ass
@muv.fl All on ones! .
Great job guys! I cant wait to try some of these other disposable all in ones! -Pillow factory

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