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Lemon Og

Strain- Lemon OG
(Lemon Skunk x OG #18)
Crumble - 1G 
778 mg THC
Dispensary- @trulieve_fl (Clear Water) .
I've been on a super lemon kick lately! Lemon tree, lemon lights, lemon bubba, and now #LEMONOG!
@trulieve_fl stepping up their concentrates with the addition of a #crumble option now available. For those of you new to the medical marijuana game, crumble is much like shatter but more terpy and a crumbley consistency. Full Terpene profiles can be smelled prior to ever heating this concentrate. The lemon OG was very stable and packed with limonene. Skuny Citrus smells filled the car when I cracked the top for a quick peak on my way home. The flavor was just as prevalent. I did a few cold loads, regular "hot" starts and even dropped a few chunks in a dutch. Regardless of how you consume this medicine the terpene profile POPS! I've noticed these lemon strains really seem to be helping my GI issues, giving me an appetite, calming the burning and even reducing the cramping down go almost nothing. The color was very light on the crumble compared to many other crumbles I've tried but it dint seem to make a huge difference when all was said and done. This hybrid is great for anyone looking for a little motivation, energy, stress relief, Gastrointestinal Issues and so many other ailments. The coil vape devices they sell at trulieve are not my favorite but there are a ton of other options out there for Vaping concentrates. I prefer my quartz banger and a blowtorch but that's just me. All in all I really enjoyed this crumble although I definitely prefer mixing it with another concentrate for the flavor and don't find myself dabbing crumble straight very often. Im interested to see what other strains come out in Crumble form from #Trulieve@tru.concentrates . .
What has been your favorite #trucrumble


Zour Apples 

Strain- Zour Apples 
75% THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl (Wellington) .
Sativa Lovers check this out! .
@muv.fl Created an absolutely beautiful product here with this #zourapples shatter. At 75% THC expect a straight head rush with this sativa dominate strain. I am a huge sativa lover and found this to be one of the best #wakeandmedicate strains out there! This zour apples give me a burst of euphoric/ uplifted energy and postive mindset. No anxiety or paranoia with this shatter, just straight focus, creativity, energy and motivation. The taste is great, fresh apple and earthy undertones can be tasted on both the inhale and exhale of this juicy strain. The clarity and stability really stood out on this strain, making it beautiful to look at and even better to melt 😊. This is one of the few strains I could smoke daily (normally like to mix it up) but the taste and effects are amazing and really helped keep my depression at bay✌ .

Huge thanks to #muv for continuing to produce top shelf meds. .


Florida I-95

Strain- Florida I-95
(Triangle Kush x legend Og x stardawg) 
Shatter - 1G 
76.3% THC 
763mg THC 
Dispensary- @muv.fl 🚫NOTHING FOR SALE🚫 .
Where are my #hybrid slayers at? This #Floridai95 is a beautiful balance of head and body high with a diesely/ earthy teprene profile! .
Right next to Lemon, Piney earthy and gassy profiles seem to be some of my favorite strains. This Florida I-95 delivered all of my favorite flavors with an amazing midday hybrid effect perfect for All Occasions. It may lean slightly indica as I found myself pretty chill after taking relatively small dab but the cerebral effects we're definitely still there. This is an amazing strain for creativity as I found myself doodling and coming up with new content for the website faster than my hands could write them down. I really enjoyed the earthy gassy profile of the strain on the inhale, exhale, and the lingering taste and the high was long lasting. This is a great strain for anyone dealing with anxiety/ depression/ pain/ ptsd/ and so much more!