Vidacann 25mg Sativa Caps

Sativa Capsules 
25mg / (30 count)
None strain specific sativa cannabis extract
Price $110 

#Strainslayer first CAPSULE review! 
And first #vidacann review! 
I have to start off by saying, I have a very high tollerance to edibles especially. Oils, capsules, tinctures etc. Don't typically work very well for me as I find myself having to eat 300+ mg to get any effects. This was not the case with these vidacann 25mg caps. I've been taking 2 a day for a week now. Typically I would vape or smoke a fee times throughout the day but After taking 1 cap in the morning and 1 cap on lunch, I've found relief all day! A nice uplifting, energetic, and depression killing effects every time. Its not anxiety inducing like some Sativas, pure euphoria, focus and relief. Its made me very creative and productive as I find that voice in the back of my head telling me "I can't", go silent. The "rain cloud" of depression seems to fade for a solid 6-8 hours with just one dose. To some of you this means nothing... For those of you that deal with #mentalillness this can be a life saver. I will absolutely be purchsing this product again and plan on adding it to my daily regimen. .
Thank you @vidacannfla for providing high quality Vegan Capsules for the patients of Florida
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