3 Step process to refilling a Trulieve Trupod- Strain slayer

I’ve had a lot of requests lately to do a tutorial on refilling the trulieve trupods. Its not only quick, and easy, but also extremely cost effective. Here is the Strain Slayer Certified way to save big bucks on your medicine!

What you will need:

  1. An empty Trupod

  2. Truclear (or any other distillate)

  3. A tooth pick (optional)

  4. A pair of tweezers (optional)

  5. Heat (Hot water / Lighter)

Step 1: Preparation

Preparation for refilling your trulieve trupod is very minimal and requires virtually no tools or special skills. Start by gathering your Distillate syringe, Empty Trupod, Tweezers, Tooth pick, and (lighter/Warm water)

Lay everything out so that you can access all of your materials quickly as this process is slightly time sensitive.

Pop the mouth piece out of the trupod by gripping it and prying it long ways (NO NOT PUSH AGAINST THE FLAT END) The mouth piece should pop off the side you are applying pressure to when the plastic clip unhinges from the rest of the pod. simply lift the adjacent end out and set the mouth piece aside.


Now you will see a rubber stopper that is threaded through the center shaft of the pod. simply pluck this piece out with tweezers (or your fingernails ) and set it aside with the mouth piece.

Underneath the rubber piece you’ve just removed you will see a metal guard with 2 small holes (left and right) that can easily be removed using a toothpick or bbq ski-ewer. (This step is 100% optional and can be bypassed completely if you do not have a tool to remove the guard)

Now at this point you are about ready to fill the trupod!

Most distillate in the state is pretty viscous stuff and doesn’t just ooze right out of the syringe with pressure alone. There are various ways to heat your truclear, but for convenience sake I use Warm water or a lighter to warm up my truclear. ( Careful using a lighter with plastic pieces on some syringes) a few seconds is all it takes to turn the distillate from a thick “ molasses” to a watery oil. Heat to a liquid constancy and get ready for STEP TWO

Step 2: Transferring the distillate

So everything is in front of you, distillate nice and warm whats Next?


Within a minute of heating the syringe you are going to want to try to dispense as much of the syringe into the pod as possible. If you wait too long the concentrate will start setting back into a “thick honey” texture.

To do so: grip the base of the open trupod with one hand and with the other guide the tip of the syringe into the gap between the outside walls and the post of the pod. (do not dispense distillate down the center post.)

You may have to alternate from left side to right side, while you wait for the concentrate to settle down into the pod. If at any point things start to back up and no longer get pulled down into the pod, simply stop dispensing and wait for gravity to do its thing. (you can apply additional heat to expedite this process ie: Warm between your hands:

Note: Fill the trupod up untill its about 75% full - no more-

A completely Empty Trupod will hold the majority of a Full 1ml Syringe if you sit around and let it all set in. I however typically just use 60-70% of mine and save the rest for other routes of administration.

Step 3: Reassembly

So you managed to fill your Trupod without getting distillate everywhere! Now to put it back together!

The final step is very simple as long as you’ve followed the instructions above. All you need to do is reassemble everything in the order that it came undone.

  1. Metal plate (optional you do not need to remove/ or replace)

  2. Rubber stopper- Make sure to replace the rubber stopper back in the same direction it came out in (wide end on bottom)

  3. Mouth piece- Snap the mouth piece in one side at a time by pushing the plastic clip on the mouth piece back into the designated hold on the pod itself. (if it will not fit, check your rubber piece as it may be upside down)

  4. Priming- Replace the ( Now full) Trupod into your trustick and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds (pause) 5-10 seconds (pause) and then try drawing from it.


You Did It!

You not only just expanded your variety in concentrates you can enjoy with the ALL AMAZING trustick, You also just saved yourself`~~$30~~ on each refill!

NOTE: After 3-5 refills you will need to discard and replace the pod!


I hope this Tutorial was helpful. If so please share it with A Friend!