Sour OG Cheese - Shatter- Review

Strain- Sour OG Cheese 
Hybrid - Shatter 
700mg THC 
70% THC 
$65/ Gram

I smelt it, so @muv.fl. must have delt it 😂 This OG cheese reeks of some quality Sour D and some funky UK cheese. A super pungent, skunky smell with undertones of that musty cheese smell you get from some #bluecheese. The taste was so full it was almost rich, a heavy, sticky cloud of kush lingers in your mouth long after the exhale. The im not 100% certain of the lineage but I believe it is comprised of (Sour D x OG Kush x Cheese) making it an indica dominate leaning hybrid. The effects I found were consistent dab after dab, with an immediate head high that had me buzzing for over an hour followed by a body melting relaxation (OG kush starts setting in)
This strain is amazing for PAIN! When I'm judging an indica I always make sure to pay close attention to the physical effects. Some Indicas are more relaxing where as some are sedating. The ladder 2 hours of my high from this Sour OG cheese we're definitely on the sedating side of indicas. This strain had me in bed before midnight which is a rarity for me, I think this #sourogcheese #slayed me.

I would recommend this strain for all patients dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and so much more!

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