Top 5 Strain for Pain Relief

Pain can be a very tricky symptom, it comes in many forms and differs from person to person in varying degrees. I cant claim to understand all pain equally, but after hours of research and patient testimonials, here are the top 5 slayer certified strains for pain relief .

Skrewball Crumble Concentrate From  MuV (Tampa)

Skrewball Crumble Concentrate From MuV (Tampa)


Okay...okay... I see what everyone has been talking about! This #skrewball #muvcrumble is Insane 🤪. The Blast of Sweet diesel (or maybe a skunky grape.) comes pouring from the jar before I even popped the cap. It was like opening a sack of some High quality Nugs! The taste was godlike, a super smooth melt with an array of flavors drifting over my tastebuds. As far as body feels like one of those sand filled stress balls😂🤣. Heavy but numb. My eyes are low , my voice droped an octave or two and I might be moving in slow motion lol. Heavy Indica feels, but my mind is also in the stars .

I highly recommend this product for high THC #concentrate slayers. This is a great strain for Back Pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, stress, anxiety, insomnia, GI issues, and so much more. If you are feeling stressed out, put the Chill pills down and try some of the #Blue Skrewball Crumble from @muv.fl 

  • Strain - Skrew BAll (Crumble)

  • Indica leaning Hybrid 

  • 725.6mg THC 

  • Price $65/ Gram 


Lavender Kush

I decided to change it up and go with a strong indica today. Lavander Kush from @curaleaf_fl. (Palm harbor) I'm a big fan of their master kush so I came in with high standards on this one. The first thing I noticed with the lavender is the smell and taste that accurately represent its name. A super floral/lavendar aroma which Im not a huge fan of personally but it can definitely have some soothing therapeutic effects. This strain is great for kicking back and relaxing. Day or night this strain will melt your mind and make you forget you even have a body, with its numbing and anxiety suppressing effects. I would also recommend this strain to anyone suffering from chronic pain (of all forms) as its soothed every ache or bit of pain I was previously experiencing. 
Id give this strain a 9/10 for its medicinal ambiguity.

Strain- Lavender

lineage -(Super Skunk X Afghani X Hawaiian X South Asian Indica) 

Indica - Cartridge

Dispensary- Curaleaf (Palm Harbor) 

Mg THC- 400

Cost- $48 for .5 Ml 

80% THC