Top 3 Strains for Anxiety


Lemon Tree

Looking back at all of the strains i’ve slayed thus far, No flower option has made me as Uplifted and anxiety free as the lemon tree from Trulieve. The earthy, Citrus/ Lemon profile was therapeutic in itself (I wish I had a candle in this scent) and the Euphoric, giggly stress relief I found after just a few tokes was pure bliss. A great sativa feel without the sativa anxiety or jitters.

Well done Trulieve - 10/10 -

-Strain SLayer


Banana Kush

Anxiety relief in a convenient half gram cartridge! the banana kush from Curaleaf melted stress and anxiety like no other cart. ive tried, still to this day. the taste was natural and light with hints of fruit and candy like sweetness. the effects were a “perfectly balanced hybrid” not too heady but not couch locking either. great for relaxing after a long stressful day or makes for a great wake-and-bake strain to start your day off right.

curaleaf you did this one right…. bring it back please


Forurm Cut Cookies

So your anxiety is a Little stronger than normal today? Alt Med FL. (MUV) has to product for you! forum cut cookies in shatter, completely stopped an anxiety attack in its tracks for me. this was a “3 birds one stone(d)” strain for me as it halted the attck, gave me the energy to get up and knock out some long over due chores and flooded my brain with a creative buzz i haven’t felt in years. Depress depression with Muv’s Shiny Shatter. 11/10

Muv send me a SLab PLEASE! ;)